Top 10 hilarious facts how tech has changed our families!

    The Internet and technology, as a whole, are aspects that affected our lives deeply. Families are over the age-old ceremonies of getting together and having fun, now we just meet over the virtual arenas of the world. We share photos on Facebook, rant out on Twitter and gossip in WhatsApp groups.

    Here are the top 10 truths about how technology has changed the way families work.

    The kids have got no clue about paper maps

    Top 10 hilarious facts how tech has changed our families!

    Gone are the days when people used to roam around in foreign cities, browsing through a map, trying to find their destination. You simply fire an app now, put in the location and-boom-you get step-by-step directions. You hand a large map to your kid and watch him amusingly try to understand which side is upright.

    WebMD is the new physician

    Top 10 hilarious facts how tech has changed our families!

    Yeah, well WebMD hasn't replaced the doctor but you have got this kickass Symptom Checker. Fire up the app, check the area of your 'wound' and it has been diagnosed as diarrhea. Wait, what? Nope, technology isn't even that advanced yet, there's still hope.

    Homework is now just a Google Search away

    Earlier, homework used to be a thing of delight for the parent. Watching their child utilize the inherited brain cells to solve the calculus math problem. Since 1998 though, Google spoilt it for all of us. Anyway, remembering the 86th element on the periodic table is tough. Give them a break, jeez.

    Flights are smooth with an iPad

    Top 10 hilarious facts how tech has changed our families!

    Charge up your iPad or any of the other unknown tablets out there and give them a full charge. Hand it over to kids of all age groups and take a plunge into your coach seat. Enjoy the view as your kids jump across bridges and lakes to escape a monster.

    Smart-stalk your kids now

    The days are gone when you used to snoop and stalk your kids in their rooms, on the phone and in general. There are all kinds of tools to do that now, they are called social media applications. Instagram has all those photos from their trip to the 'friend's house' last night and the 'educational visits' that strangely happen during odd hours. Dedication.

    Too many expectations from virtual games

    Top 10 hilarious facts how tech has changed our families!

    Your family members all gather in for a round of Xbox Kinect golf. Bragging about beating Tiger Woods and the likes, everyone walks around proudly until they get to know they don't even know how to use a golf club in the park. Well, that expensive 'real' golf park membership is down the drain.

    You and your kids have the same taste in music

    You just downloaded the hot new song by Coldplay onto your iTunes account and it's got quite a bit of expletives stuffed into the lyrics. Next day, your 7-year old kid is humming the song, much to your surprise. Turns out, your Apple Music 'family plan' got synced onto his personal iPad. Kids, these days, huh.

    Have an entire conversation in emojis

    Top 10 hilarious facts how tech has changed our families!

    With WhatsApp and iMessage taking over our communication routes, all we have is SMS lingo to converse with our loved ones. Just use a <3 to show love to your daughter, >:( to show anger and throw your phone away to have a real conversation. Well, that's not quite possible so continue with your emoticon galore.

    Selfies are the new formal family photos

    Top 10 hilarious facts how tech has changed our families!

    Those were the days. Sit down formally-with everyone-for a formal family photograph that would be hung on the house walls for the years to come. That's gone now, sadly, and we have selfies to substitute that. Pouts and duck faces are now here to replace the only thing that works every time, smiles. That new photo-editing app has some filters that make you look fabulous, and you have way more memorable pictures now than you did when you relied on a professional.

    YouTube and Netflix are the new distraction

    Families now gather around the PC/Mac to watch 'viral' YouTube videos instead of gathering around the TV. Movie theaters are fine every now and then, but it is hard to beat having a family movie night in the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can binge-watch shows you used to love, and watch your kids love them too.


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