From Smart Tattoo to intelligent socks: 11 Smart Wearable You Won't Believe Exist

    The Wearable is one segment where we see a lot of new innovations happening. Wearable tech is interesting because it combines new and futuristic elements of designs with cool features to offer an interesting way of using technology to perform day to day tasks. However, when consumers hear the terms wearable, they related it mostly with fitness trackers and smartwatches, and smart glasses. There is much more to the segment.

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    There are many interesting wearables available in the market or under work, which bring different kinds of usability abilities. Moreover, some of these innovations are concealable and you will not be able to identify them easily.

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    Yes, we are taking about the new range of wearables that serve their purpose without being obvious to everyone besides the wearer. From smart helmets to earpods to even smart undergarments, there are some very interesting wearable gadgets that you won't believe have existed. Take a look through our list to know more about these:

    11 weird yet cool gadgets:


    If you are a social media addict then Ping will be a social networking garment meant right for you. The garment can connect to your Facebook account and allow you to send status updates with gestures. For instance, you may move your hand in a certain direction to update your Facebook account. Also, it can give alerts via vibrations, or taps on the shoulder. This garment is a concept as of now, but it does give us a sneak peak to what lay in the future for tech lovers.


    Dash is a tiny wireless in-ear headphone that might look like another ear-pod but can do much more than its regular counterparts. It will not only help you get rid of the wires but will measure your heart rate, body temperature, number of steps, speed, and calories burned. Moreover these can play music as well. The ear pods sit in wearer's ear and are not noticeable easily unlike other wearable headgear. These are available in the US for $299.


    The Cuff is wearable GPS bracelet that looks like a fashion accessory but acts like a safety tool in case of emergency. It can be connected to other devices of choice, and send vibration alert to these connected devices when the wearer presses a button. The device is rechargeable and is compatible with iOS and Android platforms via a dedicated app.


    Skully is a motorcycle helmet, but packs in all of the features and functionality of a high-end in-car electronics system. This smart helmet can features a heads-up display that shows navigation routes and details. It also features a rear-view camera and displays the footage on the display up front. Besides, it features a voice assistant to give directions and help you with other information.


    If you dont find the regular fitness wearable exciting enough, you may find Electrozyme's temporary fitness tattoos pretty interesting. The tattoo stick to your skin to give a look of a regular tattoo, however it can do what you may not have imagined. The smart tattoo is capable of collecting fitness data to give you matrix of muscular exercise, hydration level, electrolyte balance and muscular degradation. All you have to do is wear an associated armband to know about the information collected by your smart device.


    There is a temporary tattoo that can be used to unlock your phone! VivaLnk and Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group created a digital tattoo that can unlock Moto X smartphone. The tattoo sticks to user's skin with water-resistant adhesive and can stay on skin for about 5 days. You can use this tattoo to unlock your phone by simply tap it against the tattoo. The tattoo comes in a pack of 10 priced at $9.99. For now, teh tattoo is only available for the Moto X, but teh company may bring similar tattoos for other phones in future.


    For those tech enthusiasts who also love fashion accessories, Ring is a finger ring that comes with computing power to perfrom smart functions. It can control home appliances and apps through custom gestures, and help you in writing text by drawing letters in theair.


    The Digital Shirt by Cityzen Sciences is made of a sensor-laced fabric that is connected to a bluetooth transmitter. It can track your activity while you move, and sends the data to your smartphone. The best part is that this D-shirt can be treated like a regular shirt, which means that you can wash and iron it by removing the transmitter.


    Now there are socks that will help you find its pair! Blacksocks feature RFID chip to connect to your smartphone through a dedicated app. You can setup the app to pair your socks for ever. Moreover, you can keep track of how many washes your socks have experienced.


    For those who have kids will be excited to know that now there are diapers that can measure your baby's excretion data. It can track the information in order to test kidney function and hydration levels, and can alert parents in case of need.


    Google announced that it was working on contact lenses that can check the wearer's sugar levels. The lenses feature a small wireless chip that can test the wearer's tears to calculate their glucose levels and blood sugar levels for diabetics.

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