Top 5 Sci-Fi Projects That Google is Working On

    Search engine giant, Google giant is known for its innovations and its upgradation in its existing technlogy. Beyond search engine, the company also works on Gmail, Google Drive storage, Office suits, Google + and Google Chrome.

    In recent years, the company has gone beyond online services and working on projects which will serve good for humanity in future. Also, the company has invested millions of dollars on fighting cancer, DNA studies and many more.

    In order to seperate this ambitious projects, Google has started another company named ABCD, which will take care of seismic healthcare projects. Today, we will take you through the top 5 projects that the Google is working on:

    Google Project #1

    Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill coverage gaps, and bring people back online after disasters.

    Google Project #2

    It is one of the Google's ambitious projects, which is used to fight the cancer cells using nanoparticles. Basically, the company plans to use magnetic nanoparticles which could fit into a single red blood cell - to attach themselves to molecules and identify potential signs of disease, cancer.

    Google Project #3

    Google is building a prototype vehicle that's designed to take you where you want to go at the push of a button-no driving required. They have sensors designed to detect objects as far as two football fields away in all directions, including pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles-or even fluttering plastic shopping bags and rogue birds.

    Google Project #4

    Google Contact Lens is a smart contact lens project announced by Google on 16 January 2014. The project aims to assist people with diabetes by constantly measuring the glucose levels in their tears.

    Google Project #5

    Baseline Study is a medical and genomics project organized by Google, Inc. that aims to map a healthy human body.It will begin by collecting data from 175 individuals anonymously, and plans to collect it from thousands more in its later stages. The project is run by Andrew Conrad, a molecular biologist at Google X, and employs between 70 and 100 experts from widely varying scientific fields.

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