Hong Kong celebrated Valentine's Day with a Garden of 25,000 Roses that illuminate

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February 14 each year is celebrated as the Valentine's Day - A day that is associated with love and romance. People across the world do their own things to celebrate this day of love, but this year Hong Kong made the day even more interesting for its people by doing something really wonderful. The Chinese city showcased a public art installation called the Light Rose Garden, which featured thousands of white roses that were made with light-emitting diode, or LED. The Light Rose Garden was illuminated with thousands of LED lit roses which made for a a perfect venue for Valentine's Day in Hong Kong.

Well, the Light Rose Garden is not Hong Kong's idea as it originated in South Korea, and is now on a world tour. The Garden has first been installed in the southern Chinese city, which helped it garner all the limelight.

Take a look at the picturesque Light Rose Garden:

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Roses roses everywhere!


The Light Rose Garden featured 25,000 illuminated roses forming an impressive place for lovers and admirers. 

Garden of Love!


It looked like a romantic scene out of one of romantic movie or dramas.

Roses that light up!


The roses feature LED lights that illuminate and give surreal effect. 

Rose Garden


These roses have been arranged tightly, with 25 roses planted every 3 square yards.

Waterproof Roses


The interesting part is that these roses are waterproof which mean that these will continue to light up even in rains. 

Bright Roses under the dark sky


The roses light up each night. The Garden looks illuminates against the backdrop of Hong Kong's skyline.

A getaway in the city!


The Light Rose Garden is open for people to come out to the illuminated park to the night.



The Garden was set up under Jung Yong Jin, who organized it at the Hong Kong's landmark Central and Western District Promenade.

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