What Are Smart Credit Cards? 10 Cool Things to Know

    A majority of the Indian populace spends a lot on shopping and dining, yet they avoid carrying cash with them. Nobody wants to carry all that money around. Hence, banks came out with plastic money or cards. It soon followed that every bank issued their own cards. Loyalty program services were not always in partnership with banks and they too provide their own cards.

    With the number of cards we carry in our wallet, smartphones are now able to store them virtually too. But it still does not give the safety we feel as the phone could be lost too or the battery dies in the last minute. Imagine not actually having your card with you at such times.

    Smart Credit Cards come into the picture in similar instances or when you still want to feel like you're carrying your cards around. Wondering what it is?


    A Smart Credit Card is not just a Credit Card. It is one single card that can be used to store multiple cards into one. The card stays in sync with your smartphone and cannot be used unless it is paired.


    If you're a person who carries more of debit and credit cards along with your loyalty points card, then all of those cards can be kept at home and your wallet can go on a diet. Saving your card is easy as all you have to do is swipe the card and take a picture of the card. You can use the app to manage the details of every card that you save.


    Built into the card are microprocessors that act as a contact between your smartphone via Bluetooth. Storing your cards can be done by using the card reader provided with the smart card manufacturers. Each of these cards can then be assigned an identity which helps you find out which card it is. Certain cards have an ePaper touch screen like the ones on the Kindle.

    The card can also be retrieved when you leave it behind by accident. The app sends a notification to your phone when the card is out of proximity of the phone. And immediately locks it to avoid unauthorized access.


    Secure Register
    Getting a smart card is not as simple as getting your regular debit or credit card issued by your bank. The smart card manufacturers require you to register with them, create an account and provide details about your card and past transactions. A stringent verification process gets you a card that has your name printed on it and the chip remains unique to your identity.

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    The cost of the card is high as it involves so much production and secure tests to go through. Also, the card is available for a yearly subscription.


    These cards work for almost all merchants where cards are accepted. Some of the smart cards available even allow you to make payments with just a tap on the screen.


    If any hacker who gains access to your card is able to bypass your secure pin which allows you to choose your card, then thins go could bad. If the microprocessor is hacked, there is no stopping the intruder from using your card and taking all the details.

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    The technology is still at its firs stage of development. And there are still possibilities of new viruses and malware that can still be used to crack the security of these smart cards.


    Any new feature that will be added to the smart card will not require you to get a new card. The software will be updated over-the-air, and you can freely use it the moment the update is done.


    The smart credit cards will work only in close proximity of the phone. The card locks itself when it loses its connection with the phone Bluetooth. No one can swipe the card without inputting the PIN.


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