Magic Leap's Mixed Reality Technology is Mind Blowing: Find Out Why?

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As Frank Biocca says, "Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the imagination". What if you wake up in the fictional world with a blend of all advancements you've envisioned off?

Magic Leap's Mixed Reality Technology is Mind Blowing: Find Out Why?

The Florida-based virtual reality company, Magic Leap valued at almost $3.7 billion has offered us the glimpse of mixed reality technology. As per the report, the so-called Magic Leap has created a pair of holographic display goggles, powered by a chip. When the user looks through the semi-transparent chip, its shows the environment with the overlay of virtual items.

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Recently, a video was released, which shows the working of that goggles from the users perspective like checking the notifications, project information based on Mount Everest and much more. It certainly looks so cool!

According to the organization, it utilizes a waveguide that superimposes the 3D pictures on to this present reality. The company calls the lens-like device a 'photonic light field chip'. Further, the user went on to browsing, bought a new pair of shoes and finally gazed some jellyfish swimming into the ceiling.

The below footage attached has been directly recorded from Magic Leap's technology:

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