This Futuristic Bus Lets you Drive Your Car Underneath it

    People around the world have something to hate in common. Any guesses? Yes, it's none other than the traffic jam. Cars, buses, trucks rushing around around from dawn to dusk as drivers hustle to and from works. Undoubtedly, its noisy, annoying and sometimes it frustrates you to the core, where you feel like giving up everything, just to reach your destination.

    More women and young drivers today than in the past!

    Talking about the reason, there are many! But one of the main reasons is the rapid growth of the population that increases the number of cars annually. Some reports suggest that, there are more women and young drivers today than in the past. If you observe carefully all the reasons for traffic jam are intertwined

    Straddling Bus -- Cheaper, greener and faster

    This Futuristic Bus Lets you Drive Your Car Underneath it

    Instead of building more subways, Shenzhen-based Huashi Future Parking Equipment company has proposed a brilliant solution to cut down the traffic via "Straddling Bus". This wide and tall bus can accommodate 1,200 passengers, having a width of two traffic lanes

    Vehicle lower than 2m (6.6 ft) high will be able to pass underneath the bus

    This Futuristic Bus Lets you Drive Your Car Underneath it

    As per the company, this vehicle travels at a speed of 40km/hr, where it will reduce the traffic by 30% to even 40% on roads. Meanwhile, this vehicle is powered by electricity and solar energy.

    Using Straddling bus can save 860 tons of fuel and prevents 2,640 tons of carbon emissions

    Moving on, it costs about 500 million yuan to build the bus and a 40-km-long path for it, which is 10% of building equivalent subway. However, a trial was scheduled in Beijing, but the the project was not given authorisation by the district authorities -- the technology was considered to be too immature.

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