Using AI to compose music is liberating: Taryn Southern

Musician Taryn Southern composes entire music using an AI software called Amper Music.

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American song writer and musician Taryn Southern is one of the few musicians who have dedicated themselves to AI for composing music. Taryn has been working with AI for quite a while now and she believes that the field has not been explored by a lot of composers.

Using AI to compose music is liberating: Taryn Southern

Taryn explained, "AI music is such a new space that there aren't a whole lot of players in it right now. There are still some music platforms that haven't yet released their software, so I'm excited to see what they put out and if I can integrate them at the last second, I would love to."

Taryn uses an open source platform called Amper Music to compose her creations. Her latest release, "Break Free" is an AI melody which very few people are actually aware of. Taryn will also compose an entire album using AI which she plans to call,"I AM AI".

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Working on a song using AI is very a quick and effective way to come up with a new piece of music. To compose a music user need to put in a few details that include beats per minutes, instrumentation details, genre, keys etc. The AI then works on the music and develops a piece which can further be edited beat by beat. Taryn claims that using AI to compose music can be a lot more liberating especially for musicians who do not know how to play a lot of instruments. Musicians do not have to rely on instrument players to get the best note.


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