VIDEO: This Dolphin Was Definitely Upset With iPad Photography

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Who doesn't like iPad? Starting from a 2-year-old kid to 80-year-old grandpa uses iPad nowadays. But showing off in the public, do irritate some people.

VIDEO: This Dolphin Was Definitely Upset With iPad Photography

In this case, it's aquatic friendly Dolphin! Yes, Dolphin literally snatched the iPad of the visitor at SeaWorld Orlando. Last Sunday, August 7, another visitor recorded the video, while the dolphin reaching out to the woman's iPad from its swim tank.

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After its successful first attempt, the dolphins started to swim showing a great joy, satisfaction, or whatever!

"She was definitely upset. She tried to snatch her ipad out the water as soon as possible," said Kuadiel Gomez, who recorded the dolphin encounter on his camera.

"I couldn't believe what was happening right in front of me," said Gomez. "They're usually kind of friendly and just swimming around. Theygo on the ledge every now and then, but that day, I don't know, they seemed like they didn't want to get petted that much or touched."

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Moreover, Gomez also added, that this video has been viewed and shared millions of times worldwide. However, there is no information about the status of iPad till now!

What you call this dolphin now? A Thug Life Dolphy!

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