10 Smartphones That Will Rival Moto Turbo in India

    Motorola India, after teasing for the entire weekend finally launched the Moto Turbo today. The online retailer Flipkart has alresdy started taking pre-orders and the handset is said to be shipped by the third week of March 2015.

    Moto Turbo also known as Moto Grand Maxx will be available on Flipkart and feartures two different build materials, Ballistic Nylon and Kevlar Fibre. Further, the device has some top-notch features such as a QHD screen and a 3900mAh battery which is the largest in its class. Apart from these the 5.2" QHD(1440x2560pixels) screen has a pixel density of 565ppi. The screen is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protective layer.

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    The company claims that it's massive 3900mAh battery can run the device for 7-8 hours on just a charge of 15 minutes. Thanks to the "Turbo Chrager " which is a new invent from the company's side. The SoC is a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7GHz. The Graphics processing unit on the device is a Adreno 420 GPU and the phone has 3GB of RAM.

    The Motorola Moto Turbo houses a 21MP autofocus rear camera coupled with dual flash. Selfie enthusiasts are sure to be disappointed with the 2MP front camera. Running on the latest Android 4.4 Kitkat the Moto Turbo also has a water-repellent nano coating which prevents it against accidental spills and natures downpours.

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    Equipped with state of the art technology and top notch features the Moto Turbo will set you back by Rs. 41,999. But is Motorola's latest beast capable enough to match up to the market of premium segment smartphones?

    Here are a few smartphones that'll give the Motorola Moto Turbo a tough competition in the market. These rival phones in the sliders below are as good as or even better than the Moto Turbo in some aspects. Take a look!

    LG G3

    Both devices are top-notch and are feature loaded having big high resoution displays, quad core prosessors and 3GB RAM.
    The LG G3 loses out to the Moto turbo in matters of camera (13MP in the G3 compared to 20.7MP in Moto Turbo). The Moto Turbo also has an advanced GPU than the G3. Priced at Rs. 37,948 almost Rs. 4,000 lesser than the Turbo the G3 is a good rival but not a clear winner.

    Motorola Nexus 6:

    The Google Nexus 6 and the Moto turbo share a lot in common. They have mammoth screens, high resolution displays, both devices also feature 3GB of RAM. Both phones are uniquely splash proof too.
    The screen resolution ofthe Nexus 6 is 493ppi compared to Turbo's 565ppi. The Turbo also features a better camera compared to the 13MP snapper on the Nexus 6. Although costlier than the Turbo the Nexus is a good rival to the Turbo but not a clear winner.

    Samsung Note 4:

    The Note 4 clearly wins two sections having a large 5.7" screen and an octa-core processor. The two devices share the same amount of RAM and almost the same screen resolution.
    The areas where the Moto Turbo stands out with it's phenomenal sturdy design and that 20MP snapper on it's back. Costlier than the Moto Turbo, the phone is not exactly worth the extra bucks.

    Samsung Galaxy S5:

    The S5 and the Turbo come close in matters of screen size, quad-core processors and water resistiveness but are seperated by a lot many. The 565ppi display on the Moto Turbo is better than the 432ppi on the S5. The display resolution on the Turbo is also a lot better. The RAM on the S5 is only 2GB. Also, the Moto is better with it's optics.
    Priced close to Rs. 30,000 the S5 might be a good buy for Samsuing fans but stands no chance against the mighty Moto Turbo.

    Xperia Z3:

    The Sony Experia Z3 is a strong rival to the Moto Turbo. Moving hand in hand with the Turbo there's not much that seperates these phones. The Z3 doesn't have a replaceable battery while the Turbo lacks an expansion slot. The only significant difference in between the two is the screen resoulution. While the Moto Turbo has a 565ppi screen copmated to the 424ppi on the Z3.
    Priced at Rs. 43,199 the Z3 is very strong rival and a decent competitor to the Moto Turbo.

    iPhone 6:

    Despite all the hype surrounding Apple's products, the iPhone 6 Apple's latest gadget is just no match for the Moto Tubo. Brutally defeating the iPhone 6 in every possible comparative section the Moto Turbo is the clear winner in this contest. Be it screen size, resolution, camera, RAM, processor, pixel density or even battery the iPhone 6 isn't worthy enough to be compared to the Moto Turbo.

    Samsung Galaxy S6:

    Here is another cellular device moving neck to neck with the Moto Turbo. They are similar in almost all aspets. They both have brilliant screens and top notch features. The areas where the Moto Turbo loses out to the S6 is it's octacore processor and a 5MP front camera.
    On the contrary the Moto Turbo wins in matters of it's rear camera and lesser pricing. The Galaxy S6 is a fresh launch at the MWC and will cost around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 55,000 when launched in the Indian sub-continent.

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

    The Galaxy Edge was also a recent launch at the MWC 2015. With it's dual curved screen this phone is more of a piece of exquisite art than a gadget. Sharing all the same specifications as the Samsung Galaxy S6 the S6 Edge is also a tough competitor to the Moto Turbo.
    The only thing negative about this device is it's price. The smartphone is yet to be launched in the Indian sub-continent but it will cost well over Rs. 60,000.

    HTC Desire Eye:

    Of the two, the HTC Desire Eye is the looker. The phone is very neatly crafted and is very beautiful to look at. While it shares a few similarities such as the 5.2" display, quad-core processors, and Android 4.4. The HTC Eye also has lesser RAM(2GB), a lower resolution screen(432ppi) and a 13MP primary snapper.
    What seperates the HTC Eye from the Turbo is that awesome 13MP front camera with LED flash and it's seamless design.

    HTC One M9:

    At the end of this countdown we finally reach the most suitable and worthy competitor to the Moto Turbo. Both these devices have huge screens, stunning cameras, fast processors and equal amounts of RAM but what seperates them are those intricacies.
    The One M9 has a 4MP front camera, an Octa-core processor and HTC's Sense 7.0 UI. Priced at Rs. 41,000 the HTC One M9 was a launch at the MWC 2015 and is Moto Turbo's worst nightmare.


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