10 True Reasons Why People Buy an iPhone: Can You Relate?

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Apple is always on the forefront every year leading up to the release of its new iPhone. while last year belonged to the iPhone 5S, the new year has seen both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus take the center stage. And the craze has been massive, as expected.

But with each year a new iPhone coming, we see people queuing up (and even camping) outside Apple stores to get the first units for themselves. Now you may ask that why such kind of a craze for the handset, especially since it's just another handset.

10 True Reasons Why People Buy an iPhone: Can You Relate?

That's what we are dealing with today, as to why people go absolutely bananas once a new iPhone is launched and sent out for retail. Here are 10 reasons for the same.

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Retina Displays are Usually Breathtaking

When Apple first introduced the Retina Display with the previous iPhone 4s, it blew our mind. While pixels are next to gone, the display itself seems like a work of art and toil. Sure there are a host of phones, mostly in the Android domain, that offer almost similar resolutions. But none come closer to the natural sharpness a Retina Display offers.

Systematic and Regular Updates

If you have invested heavily on a new phone, the least you will want is good backup from the maker in terms regular pushout of updates. We know a few who use Samsung and keep complaining how the Android update is so irregular. But you will never see an Apple users having such complaints.

Secured OS

Sure there have been claims about how the iCloud was hacked and hackers revealed a few controversial personal photos of celebrities, but on overall OS standards, it's a secure as ever. While this is where the age old argument of open source vs closed source creeps in, but Apple has far better standards of security than any other.

Battery Life

We have had arguments where one party says Apple's battery offerings aren't up to the mark, while others contradict that. But when they say that the battery isn't up to the mark, they are referring to the fact that the battery can't be removed. Otherwise, we have hardly seen anyone running out of juice in a hurry.

The Entire Ecosystem

Interestingly, once into Apple, a user becomes determined to stay with Apple. And the reason is quite simple. Apple devices work amazingly well together. These devices are all built together to work with each other, and hence it's no big surprise. But it's actually brilliant how well they work together.

Brilliant Selection of Apps

The Apple App store claims to have over 350,000 apps for iPhone, and although the Android market also has a decent offering of apps, it cannot claim the same kind of numbers. And since smartphones are mostly becoming app oriented, it's no surprise if a user actually decides to make that jump from Android to Apple.

Great Designing Outlook

If you have seen the new iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, you shouldn't have any queries related to what Apple devices are all about, in terms of shape and design. For that matter, even the iPhone 4 was all glass and metal that was packed into a thin profile. An iPhone feels quite solid in hand. And there's no plastic (apart from the 5c)

Apple iOS

Apple's biggest strength lies in the fact that it has only one maker for all its iDevices. Contrary to the fact that Android devices are made by a host of manufacturers, Apple devices stay the same for everyone. And hence there are multiple kinds of Android with many different types of UIs. Apple is one, and that one is same for all.

Play to Your Heart's Content

Apple's powerful processors are powerful enough to execute any hi-def game that you can think of. Apple makes great adjustments to its processors every year. The new A8 processors have come as upgrade over the A7s of the yesteryear. So while the power gets changed, the overall factor and experience remains the same.

Because It's Apple

Most Apple users are actually the ones who can actually go ahead and afford an iPhone. An iPhone is not for everyone, and the price point for the handset is the biggest example to that. Over the years, it has become a sort of a status symbol for most. But then again, there's more to an Apple device than it actually meets the eye.

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