10 Useful Tricks Every Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Owner Should Know By Now

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been one of the most powerful, versatile phones of this year. Consequently, the hefty phablet comes with loads of sizzling features which are not found on other heavy-weights present in the market. Such as multi window mode, Ultra mode battery saving, fast charging features and others.

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While, Galaxy Note 4 has hit the Indian market, here is a list of tips and tricks which GizBot has combined to help the first time owners of the Galaxy Note 4. You won't find these anywhere else, take a look at the sliders below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in Gallery

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Side Key Panel

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is too big for one-handed use for most people. Thankfully you can customize it to allow your thumb to reach across the entire screen. While, all must have told you about the One handed operation, we will give you a secret tip and here it goes:

Go to Settings> Device > Display and Wallpaper>One-handed Operation. Here you will find the 'Side Key Panel' option, turn it on and the four main buttons (hardkeys) will appear at the side of the main screen just as shown in the image above. You can also adjust the transparency level of the side panel and enable Quick minimize.

At the same time you can also customize the buttons which will appear on the side keys with the 'Manage Keys' option.


Message Display Customization

You can color up or change the look and feel of your message app chat box in the Note 4. Just simply go to Message> Message Settings>Display and select the bubble style you prefer. At the same time you can toggle with the split view feature and also customize the background of your message app.

Use S Pen to Type Messages

Yes, while S Pen will help you to draw, edit pictures, take notes and also hover around Note 4 with the Action Memo feature, the same accessory will also help you to type messages very simply.

Just go to Messages and in the keyboard you will find a microphone icon at the bottom. Long press the icon and select the enable S Pen typing. This will help you send messages easily on the go.


S pen Alert

The S pen warning alarm will sound an alert and display a warning when you walk away with your phone without replacing the S Pen.

How to Activate? From the home screen, tap the Menu Key, go to Settings>Device>S Pen and enable the 'S Pen Alerts.'

Action Memo On the Lock Screen

If you're a pro S-Pen use then you're gonna love this feature, as it can take notes for you without unlocking your Note 4.

Just go to Settings>Device>Lock Screen and enable Action Memo on Lock Screen. Now on your lock screen hold down the S-Pen and while pressing the S Pen button, double-tap on the Lock screen to bring up a blank Action memo sticky. And its done!


Customize Notification panel

You can customize the Quick settings directly from the Settings panel, or drag the panel down from the top, tap the Quick settings icon, and then tap the pencil icon to start editing.

Private Mode

Private mode can be enabled through the Settings menu; once you get started, it'll walk you through the whole process to keep content like your apps, music, files, and video sequestered from the rest of your super serious work stuff.

Change Font

Go to Settings> Display> Font style and you could choose the required font type as per your preference.

Change Transition Effect

Touch and hold on an empty space on the Home screen, go to Home screen settings> Transition effect and tap Card stack or 3D rotation.

At the same time, you can control the speed, add sound, and even customize the properties of transition effects.


Disable Apps Instead of Deleting

While Samsung packs the Note 4 with a lot of useful apps, the device has more than its fair share of bloatware. To get rid of bloatware, navigate to the app drawer. You can get there by tapping Apps on the home screen. Select Uninstall/disable apps from the menu. You open the menu by tapping the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Select an app you want to get rid of and tap Disable to confirm.

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