These 12 Siri Tips Will Make Your Life Much Easier

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    Apple's native personal digital assistant - also known as Siri - is getting better and better. But it's one of those features we don't use that much as we could. In this article, we take look at 12 Siri tips every iOS user should know.

    We put together the following list of 12 essential things we think everybody should know how to use Siri.

    These 12 Siri Tips Will Make Your Life Much Easier

    Check out the amount of Calories in a food item

    If you need a rough estimate of the calories in food you can always ask Siri, "How many calories are in a chocolate?" or any other food item for that matter.

    Search for topics on Web

    Sir can perform web search using Google Chrome, "how many planets in our solar system?" or any other search related to politics, science, biotechnology, history, and so on.

    Convert Currency

    Say, for instance, if you're travelling or you need to exchange currency, you can ask Siri," How much is 50 dollar in Indian Rupees?", and you'll surely the answer.

    Find Movies playing in your nearby cinema hall

    If you need to know what movies are playing out in your nearest movie theater, use the specific name in your search," what's playing at the PVR?" It shows the latest flicks playing at the PVR.

    Find the nearest Chinese Restaurant

    Feeling hungry? Say, "Find the best Chinese restaurant around." Or ask for the nearest restaurant around and Siri will search find the best place to get Chinese food.

    Check your flight status

    Using Siri you can check your flight status. All you need to say "Check the Status of Flight Indigo" and Siri will let you know the current status.

    Set an Alarm

    Use Siri to set an alarm by saying, "Set an alarm for 6:45am" creates a new alarm for 6:45am.

    Launch apps

    Siri can launch apps directly. Just say "Open Facebook" and Siri will open that app. It should be noted that if your device is locked, Siri will prompt you to unlock it before the app can be opened.

    Check Cricket Scores

    You can of course ask Siri to update you on the latest cricket score. Just ask "What's the score of India", or ask which team is playing next to whom.

    Schedule a Meeting

    Siri can schedule a meeting with a particular contact. It can schedule the meeting and later send and invite to the contact.

    Find the Time and Day in another Country

    If you're planning to travel to another country, just ask Siri, "What time is it in San Francisco?" and you'll see the time as well as how many hours ahead or behind they are.

    Get Directions

    You can ask Siri get you directions to a destination, using iOS's native Maps app, by saying, for instance, "Show me how to get to South Extension".

    Take a Picture

    Just say, "Take a Picture." and Siri will open the stock iPhone/iPad camera so you can take a picture.

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