5 Best of the Lot Smartphones With the Brightest Screen Displays

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Smartphones, it's quite safe to say at this point, have successfully overtaken the market that was once made by feature phones. And with the technology related advancing ahead with times, we have seen more and more new names getting involved.

While users have a host of preferences when looking out for a new handset to buy, none can deny the fact that all want a handset that will have great viewing angels and screen bright enough to work out under all kinds of lights.

5 Best of the Lot Smartphones With the Brightest Screen Displays

Smartphone displays are indeed one of the most important things that users look out for. They actually define the entire beauty aspect of a handset that will also compliment its looks and build quality.

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Hence, it's no big surprise that smartphone manufacturers invest so much time, money and patience into display technologies for the handsets. As expected, screen size and color output are important to users if and when they are considering a high-end smartphone.

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So which are the handsets in the market that offer the best in display technologies? We take a look at the top 5.

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Nokia Lumia 930

Before most of you'll start questioning us on this selection in the list, let us tell you that you actually need to use the handset for a while before you understand the greatness of its screen. The Lumia 930 has a ClearBlack Display filter that's meant to reduce glares as much as possible. Add 441ppi and HD AMOLED technology to it and you have a brilliant display.

Samsung Galaxy S5

While the recently launched S5 has faced a host of criticisms on release, nothing takes away the fact that it's a brillant handset. Samsung has taken care of the screen for the new S5. And although it isn't a big difference from its predecessors, but we have to say that its new display panel is an absolute treat.

HTC One M8

The One M8 is already in the list of tops for GizBot, and for good reasons. Once out of the box, the handset demands a lot of respect and screams class. The One M8 offers an over the top, bright and crisp 5-inch IPS LCD display that has no issues dealing with videos and games likewise. And the final output is sharper than you would actually imagine.

Sony Xperia Z2

When Sony released the Xperia Z2, it highlighted the fact that the handset was arriving with a certain "triluminous" technology. While we are still waiting to come to terms with the tech, we can but surely say that the device's IPS display is the best in its class. Apart from that, its 1080p supported display is more than perfect for videos, games and anything that involves showing off the display quality.


LG G3 is one of those few phone that offer a brilliant 500 plus ppi. And although researches have shows that an average human eye isn't prone to more than 400ppi, nothing can take away from it the fact that the screen is as crisp as ever. Also add an amazing 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution to go with the entire experience.

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