5 Hot Rumors About Apple Devices Coming to Bite the Market Share

By Vivek

    From iPhone 6, iPhone 5C, iPhone Lite, iPhone 5S and Next Gen iPad mini etc. the tech world has heard about the gossips of all. Apple is currently been surrounded with ample lot of rumors and it seems it won't end before it comes up with at least one of the aforementioned devices in the market.

    Moreover, the leaks are getting more crude these days and before entering the main production line it gets slipped to online world. Thus there is nothing to hide. More so, it has become a promotional activity for the brand to some extent.


    However, not going astray from the subject, Apple is right now the victim in the hands of leaksters and is currently close subject to of variety of leaks. Just to talk about the latest and popular leak that caught the interest of many iPhone fans, let us have a brief rundown on the specs of the iPhone Lite or iPhone C or budet iPhone which is speculated to be unveiled on September 18.

    As per the rumors, the iPhone 5C will have a 4-inch Retina Display, A5x chipset, an 8-mega pixel rear camera, iOS, 3G, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The phone is made of plastic, and Apple is said to offer the smartphone in multi-colors.

    Moreover, this is just a bite on the Apple, Thus here below in the sliders, take a look at all the recent updates on Apple taking place. There are altogether 5 recent leaks that talks about the internals of iPad Mini and new iPhone and also the iWatch. Here below on the slides are the 5 leaks, have a look;

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    Lower-cost iPhone

    With the lower-cost iPhone. Chinese site IT168 has recently posted a pictures of supposed camera modules for the cheaper iPhone device supposedly iPhone 5C. The site further notes saying that the sensor is the same as the one found in the iPhone 5 which is 8 megapixels in resolution. But this report creates a confusion because, 8 MP might cost a bit more than the 5MP or less. Thus this could end up making the device pretty less expensive than more cheaper. Via

    Apple To Feature Retina Display iPad mini this Year

    Apple is also recently reported to source their components for iPad Mini from Samsung to produce a Retina Display version of it later this year. However, there are rumors that were reported recently that said that non-Retina iPad mini would also come with A6 processor soon. Source

    Apple iPad mini 2 Aluminum Body

    The latest Apple related leak is the Aluminum body of the iPad Mini 2 which is quite identical to the previous one. However, it seems that the Apple Logo is now sculpted in the back panel rather than the printed ones like it use to feature in its previous model. via

    Apple’s Upcoming A7 iPhone Chip

    Most of the reports have already hinted at the A6 processor in the new iPad Mini which will come withought the Retina Display. Moreover, recent reports from 9to5mac has come up with a report that says Apple is developing a new A7 processor. Further a reference to an A7 processor, which is a leap over the A6 and A6X processor, was found within the iOS 7 filesystem. Thus it is inferred in a mild way saying that it could be the chip that would power the new iPhone 5S. via

    Apple Might Use Low Power Chip From Recently Acquired Passif Semiconductor

    Another report online, has appeared saying that the Apple would use the chip in their new iWatch from the recently acquired Passif Semiconductor which normally dealt with low power communication chips.

    However, Apple is vehemently speculated to use the low-power Bluetooth LT chips designed by Passif in its new iWatch. The iWatch is however, not officially confirmed but rumors are still in the air. source


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