5 Interesting Additions Apple Could Have Made for iPhone 6

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We don't complain much. And we surely aren't complaining about the new iPhone 6 from Apple. The handset falls perfectly in place with Apple's roadmap every year, featuring newest techs and features.

The new iPhone 6, aside the other iPhone 6 Plus, is already one of the major releases of the year. While smartphone makers such as Samsung and Sony are also in the mix with their own unique flagships, Apple still remains one of the primary choices in smartphones.

5 Interesting Additions Apple Could Have Made for iPhone 6

As we said before, the new iPhone 6 is anyway one of the best handsets of the year. And we don't really have any qualms related to that. However, there are a few additions, we feel, Apple could have made to make it an ever bigger a treat. Here's a look at the best 5 among them.

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Display With Higher Resolution

While the new iPhone 6 already possesses a high pixel-dense display, we were betting on something that would be greater than the original 750 by 1334 pixels. And moreover, when the iPhone 6 Plus can have a number of 1080 by 1920, why not the original iPhone 6.

Improved Front Camera

With selfies slowly becoming something of a global thing, and with the advent of social networking sites, the trend is here to stay for the time being. And with more and more big name handset makers trying to capitalize on the trend via new handsets, Apple should have also joined into the bandwagon with an improved front camera of its own.

More Color Options

As of now, similar to the previously released iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 comes in grey, gold and silver variants (aside the usual white). However, it would have been even better had Apple released the new phone in more color options to choose from.

Stereo-Standard Speakers

There will be times when you don't feel like putting on the headset (longer duration hurts your ears) while watching a movie or playing games. Hence we feel the new iPhone 6 should have arrived with a pair of stereo-quality speakers to offer users more sound quality, minus the headset.

Waterproof Design

We were sure of this and left confused since it's not. But Apple is really lagging behind the likes of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z3 when it comes to dust and water proofing its handsets. Moreover, when phones with such support are already in the market, there's no point for Apple to stay behind the trend.

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