5 Interesting Apple iPhone 6 Plus Features Not Available on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Like it or not, both Apple and Samsung rule the smartphone business. While there are other handset makers in the market also trying to reach the level, none have been able to make it as big as Apple and Samsung.

Recently, both the companies took center stage to announce their brand new flagships for the year. While the South Korean handset maker released the newest addition in its Note range of phablet series with the Galaxy Note 4, Apple laid its claim with the release of the bigger iPhone 6 Plus.

5 Interesting iPhone 6 Plus Features Not Available on Galaxy Note 4

While both the handsets are of the top echelon, there are a few different features available that make both of stand apart from each other. However, here's a look at the 5 interesting features the iPhone 6 has that the Note 4 doesn't.

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Vibrant Display

Sure the Note 4 has arrived with the pixel-dense Quad HD AMOLED display that sets a new standard among its competitors, but it still has a long way to go when compared to the 2.5D zero air-gap LCD of the iPhone 6 . On research, it has been found that the iPhone 6 Plus' display is 30 pct brighter than that of the Note 4.

Landscape Interface

One thing we have been craving with the Samsung-made Android devices is the addition of landscape interface, whereon tilting the device will tilt the entire display. However, the Note 4 isn't really offering that until now. The iPhone 6 Plus, on the other hand, offers a dedicated landscape mode for the whole UI.

Slow Motion HD Video

Video recording is always a fun job. But things get interesting once you dive into the optically-stabilized iSight camera of the iPhone 6 Plus. While no such feature is available in the new Note, the iPhone 6 Plus makes sure you make videos is super slo-mo effect with 240fps slow-motion.

Uber Thinness

With each year passing, Apple makes it a point to offer the slimmest device possible. And the new iPhone 6 Plus isn't any different from the rest. The handset's already grand look, as it seems, is complimented by the handset's 7.1mm thickness. Compared to the new Note 4, that kind of thinness is actually a welcoming site.

Metal-Oriented Design

Although Samsung has made a few noticeable changes to the new Note 4 in terms of designing, its still the same old plastic cover that has been fitted for the handset. Compared to this, the iPhone 6 Plus' aluminum alloy unibody is more than just a treat.

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