5 Interesting Things The Galaxy Note 4 Can Do that iPhone 6 Cannot

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Both Samsung and Apple have been in the thick of things, as far as smartphone releases are concerned. While Samsung has already been in the news with the likes of the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S5, Apple has made its claims known with the likes of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

While a comparison is coming up from GizBot for both the handsets when experienced together, there are few varied reasons why both the Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 are different from each other. And these differences actually rest on the features of the handsets.

5 Interesting Things The Galaxy Note 4 Can Do that iPhone 6 Cannot

But while we scream differences all the time, what exactly are the ones that mark out both the handsets from each other? Here's a quick look at the 5 interesting things a Galaxy Note 4 can do that the iPhone 6 can't.

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A Removable and Replaceable Battery

Contrary to what Apple offers, the real forte of an Android handset lies in the fact that it offers batteries that are removable and replaceable. And the new Note 4 doesn't really deviate much from that. It's actually simple to snap off the Galaxy Note 4's battery cover, remove its mega 3220mAh battery pack and pop in a new one.

Support for S Pen

Never have we come across an Apple device that offers support for stylus. And it looks like that will remain the same in days to come. In the initial years, Samsung created a whole new "phablet" product category, starting with the first ever Note. One of the major factors involving that has been the S Pen feature. If you are an active Note user, you will know what we are talkig about.

Better Selfies

While most of the smartphones in the market are overtly selfie specific, the front camera for the same on the Galaxy Note 4 is far better than anything we have seen. Fir starters, it has one of the higher-resolution front-facing cameras that's available on a phone currently, alongside a wide-angle selfie mode that lets you fit more into your selfie.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

While the Note 4 has a host of different features and functionalities, none come close to its Ultra Power Saving mode. The Galaxy Note 4 comes with a new Ultra Power Saving mode that lets you put a tab on the number of active apps on your smartphone. This helps in reducing the otherwise power drain.

Support for External MicroSD

We have been craving for this one on every Apple device, but things remain the way they were. However, Samsung isn't the one to back out of it and fittingly offers the option to increase the smartphone's memory to another 128GB. This means you can buy multiple cards as soon as the recent one is filled out. And 128GB seems like it's more than what you would ever wish for

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