5 Over the Top Android Smartphone Concepts You Should Know

    Before handsets go live, their concept images make a round on the internet raising interest and expectations among users. We have seen this with the recently released Samsung Galaxy S5 and currently with the Apple-based iPhone 6.

    But most of the concepts that you will find around the web actually come true most of the times. And although the makers make a point and cut out all the surreal details, the overall device remains more or less same.

    5 Over the Top Android Smartphone Concepts You Should Know


    It's needless to say at this point that concept images are to be taken with a pinch of salt. However, it does give us a brief idea on what the final product might be like in a few months time. And there are a host of example to live by that theory.

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    With Android slowly but surely becoming one of the dominant mobile platforms in recent times, big name makers are also getting into the act of releasing handsets with the OS. However, the concepts act as the building blocks to smartphone that's just round the corner.

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    So which are the most beautiful smartphone concepts that we have seen in recent times? Here's a look at the top 5.

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    The concept that we have seen for the Motorola X from Google comes with a 4.7-inch display. Apparently, the concept shows off the apparent similarity of the handset to a regular iPhone offering. Sure, it's just a concept to go by, but it does prove that new innovations are happening in the smartphone department.

    Rumors related to the Samsung Galaxy F have been flowing in abundance in the last few months. And with the rumors came the concept images for the same. These concepts were created even before the arrival of the new S5 handset. Here's a look.

    We have lost count of exactly how many times in the last three years we have come across concepts related to the "foldable" or "bendable" screens for a new Samsung handset. Popularly known as the Samsung Galaxy Skin concept, the screen for it is bendable in any way possible.

    This is one the Motorola concepts that you may not have come around much. But this Motorola Nexus + concept shows off a 5-inch display screen and dual frontal speakers. Apart from that, you can also see a carbon fiber back for the handset. But it remains to be seen if the new concept will ever see the light of the day in months to come.

    The Google Nexus P3 concept is special for a certain reason. Apparently, it shows off a Nexus handset that will sport a QWERTY keyboard. And although proofs are few that such a handset will ever see the light of the day, it actually is quite refreshing to see an QWERTY based handset with the big Nexus tag to it.

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