5 Useful Things You Could Do With Your Smartphone Camera

    Smartphone cameras can be used to do a lot more than shooting pictures and clicking selfies. Mankind is always inquisitive about new things thus, it's normal human tendency to capture whatever we find amusing and whatever intrigues our brains.

    What we conceptualize in our brains to be funny and amusing, gets trapped into our camera lens. But your camera lens certainly knows more avenues than what you confine it to.

    Post reading the sliders below, you will never visualize your smartphone camera the same way again..

    Extended uses of your camera

    Did you ever feel that your wedding portrait on the wall looks misaligned? Well, your smartphone camera is something that can help you get it absolutely straight. Here's how. Enable the Grid view feature on your Android camera and point it towards the wall where your masterpiece hangs. Ask someone for a helping hand and fix all distorted frames on your wall.

    Extended uses of your camera

    Standing too far away from the score board in a cricket match? Too far away from the screen where the flight status is displayed? Do not worry. Take out your smartphone and pinch zoom to see whatever you need to.

    Extended uses of your camera

    This is a serious use of your smartphone's camera that can be very very helpful, especially when you're in a different country. You'd never feel lost again in a different nation. With Apps like World Lens Translator, which renders images in real-time and it does that so well, your maiden experience is bound to be shocking.

    Extended uses of your camera

    You need not seperately feed all the contacts from a Business Card into your smartphone, let your phone's camera do the needful apps like cam card are available on the PlayStore and can be downloaded for free. Just click a picture of the business card with your phone and let your phone do the rest.

    Extended uses of your camera

    We all know that remote batteries use InfraRed rays as a means of transmission. These rays are invisible to the human eye. Just remember what you did the last time when your remote wasn't functioning, you banged it here and there. Well, that's not needed anymore. You can open your phone's camera and point the remote at the lens and press any button. If you see a light appear on the screen then your remote's battery is fine else, time to replace them.


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