7 Unique Futuristic Mobile Phone Concepts That Are Practical

By: Shaun Chatman

Cell phones have come a long way in a short period of time. However, they still have a long way to go. As the technology gets more advanced, the designs are going to get more futuristic and advanced, as well. So, what are some awesome futuristic designs that users hope to see in the future?

Emotional Mapping is a Thing of the Future

7 Unique Futuristic Mobile Phone Concepts That Are Practical

Image via Flickr by Leopard Print

Have you ever called a friend and then regretted it, because they simply were not in an emotional state that you were in the mood to deal with? With the BlackBerry Empathy concept, you could avoid this issue in the future. The concept of this phone is something we simply haven't seen before. The phone, combined with a mood ring, maps your moods, and charts them out. This can help your contacts know what kind of mood you are in, thus helping them make the decision as to whether or not they should call you.

In addition to the mood charting, this phone has some interesting design and functionality features. The shape is something that hasn't been seen before. The smartphone uses a flexible OLED screen, translucent tactile keyboard, and has a double-sided screen.

Give Presentations and Answer Your Phone

7 Unique Futuristic Mobile Phone Concepts That Are Practical

Image via Flickr by Mein Handy Bloggt 

A projection phone could make giving presentations a whole lot easier. With a projection phone, you could literally give presentations anywhere, at any time. No more carrying around bulky equipment. Instead, all you would have to do is make sure that your PowerPoint project, video, or other project is on the phone, and you are ready to go. This would be a great option for teachers, business execs, and sales reps. In addition, a projection phone is a great way to make family movie night a whole lot more fun.

Fold Your Phone However You Want

7 Unique Futuristic Mobile Phone Concepts That Are Practical

Image via scienceroll.com

With a flexible OLED screen, you can do a lot of awesome things. In fact, there are a few different folding phone concepts out there. However, the overarching idea is the same. Think about it. If you could fold up your phone however you wanted, wouldn't that be awesome? Wear your phone around your wrist, like a watch or a bracelet, then unfold it to make a call - you'd never lose your phone again! Or, make a large, bulky phone a little smaller by folding it like a wallet. The ideas are almost endless with this one.

There are also a variety of keyboard options with the folding phone. One concept has the keyboard flexible like the screen. Another has the keyboard a little more rigid, so it limits the amount of space the phone can actually flex. However, if the phone only has an onscreen keyboard, then it cuts down the concern.

Combine Your Phone and Your Headset

Who wants to deal with separate devices? With an ear-phone, you don't have to. This futuristic design is the perfect option for anyone on the go. The slim and small uses a flexible screen, so that it can be squeezed. Once it is squeezed, an earpiece pops out, allowing you to simply insert the phone into your ear, like any headset. The concept also includes a pain on the outside that can take on any color, making the phone almost invisible. People walking by may think you are talking to yourself if this concept gets off the ground.

A Fan Phone for the Future

7 Unique Futuristic Mobile Phone Concepts That Are Practical

Image via Flickr by Fortfan

Called the Flutter Concept Phone, this smartphone is an interesting piece. The numbers are on the outside, but then you open the phone. Inside, you have an arched area, like a fan. This has a flexible OLED touch screen that scrolls, allowing you to have a variety of apps. It could be difficult to watch a video or play certain games on the fanned screen, but overall the design is extremely futuristic. In addition, a good developer could easily make games that would work on the smartphone screen as well as they work on your ultrabook screen.

Go Green With Your Battery

7 Unique Futuristic Mobile Phone Concepts That Are Practical

Have you ever wished that your cell phone battery were better for the environment? Constantly charging your phone isn't so good for your carbon footprint, or your electricity bill. However, with a great idea from Mikhail Stawsky, you may be able to get around that in the future. Instead of charging your phone on electricity, his idea is to charge your phone on your finger.

The phone would have a finger-sized hole at the bottom, and the way you would charge it is simply swinging it around your finger. Some say that this could be soothing, kind of like rubbing a stress stone. However, you may end up more stressed out when your phone goes flying and hits someone square in the head. If it could be made durable enough to withstand dropping, but light enough to actually charge well, this could be an awesome future design.

Get Even Greener With a Grass Phone

7 Unique Futuristic Mobile Phone Concepts That Are Practical

Image via Flickr by Warehouse123

Now, this one is probably a bad idea if you have allergies. However, there has been a concept idea thrown out there for those who are eco-conscious. The biodegradable grass phone concept is said to last for about two years, which is the life of most cell phones. The body of the phone will degrade around that time. The keypad and screen can be transferred into another phone, and reused. This will help cut down on the amount of cell phone waste. It is unclear how the phone is to be powered. In addition, it would be crucial that this phone not get dropped too hard, picked up by the dog, or dropped in water, or it might come apart. It's a great concept for cutting down on waste, however.

As we work toward better, more awesome smart phones, there are going to be concepts and ideas that never make it off the ground. These ideas, however, will spark other thoughts that will continue us down the path of unique futuristic mobile phones. These phones have amazing designs, awesome features, and specs we may not even be able to dream of today. 
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