8 Features Samsung Galaxy S6 should have to Overpower Apple iPhone 6

Apple's newest release -iPhone 6 has received praises and criticism all over the Smartphone world. The iPhone 6 has stunned Apple loyalists but not so much the hard core android fans. Androiders have opted to wait until 2015 for the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S6 which is rumored to be an iPhone 6 killer with its cool features.

The South Korean tech company Samsung has hinted that the flexible display may be used for the first time ever in its Smartphone series in the Galaxy S6. After having seen the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, it is now widely expected that Galaxy S6 will resemble and exceed its predecessors in looks and functionality. Although Samsung has yet to offer any official details on the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, rumor has it that Samsung will release the device during - or within weeks of - the Barcelona-based Mobile Word Congress conference between 2 and 5 March 2015.

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A Well Planned Design:


Well if Samsung plans to overpower Apple and its iPhone 6 then it better come up with something good and well designed. The iPhone 6 has a premium design which in return gives its users a premium feel too. But the Samsaung Galaxy S6 is supposedly having an aluminium unibody chassis like the iPhone 6 and HTC One has, for a change which will definately attract more consumers for Samsung. The display size, Samsung does overcome the iphone but it needs to work on its screen resolution as the iPhone Retina display is pretty well renowned.

A powerful Processor:


The iPhone 6 plus seems to be like a powerful, high-end smartphone from Apple, but its competitors are not backing of easily. The iPhone 6 uses the Apple A8 Chipset which is manufactured by Apple itself, whereas Samsung has also started the new trend of manufacturing its own chipsets and placing them on to its devices, dubbed as Exynos 7420 which will find its spot in the Galaxy S6. Besides the processor, the iPhone 6 is clocked at 1.4 Ghz having a dual core Cyclone CPU, whereas the Samsung S6 will sport Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A57 as its CPU. Clearly indicating that the Samsung S6 will be more powerful.

A counter for Apple Pay:


Apple Pay, the revolutionary payment system introduced by Apple in September this year. Apple Pay has changed the way consumers do contactless payment and unique security features are built-in right into their iPhone 6 or Apple Watch to pay in an easy, secure, and private way. Though Samsung doesn't own any payment technology it still depends on Google Wallet and other souces for payment transactions. In order to take down Apple iPhone 6, Samsung should buck up in NFC department.

An improved UI:


iOS 8.1.3 is the latest update for Apple iPhone 6 users where Samsung Galaxy S6 user might not get much from Samsung. The Same old boring TouchWiz UI which all Samsung devices will have. But Samsung is always declared as the winner because Samsung's TouchWiz UI is customizable where iOS 8 isn't. Users can remove extra screen from their home displays where as screens will automatically get added on to your home display as the number of apps increases on your iPhone. Hence making the device slow.

A Bigger Battery:


The iPhone 6 plus has an non-removable Li-Po 1810 mAh battery which gives a standby of up to 250 h (3G) whereas Nowhereelse claims the battery in the Galaxy S6 will not be removable - something that may be tied to a new memory breakthrough. Then again the Galaxy S6 battery capacity is also expected to be smaller due to efficiencies in Samsung's Exynos chipset that it will use to replace the allegedly hotter running Qualcomm Snapdragon 810.

A smooth performance:


By performance we mean "Lag Free"!! The iPhone can be categorized as a lag free device. Even though hard multitasking or Heavy games are being played there are very few posibilities of the iPhone 6 lagging. But in such cases Samsung does lack when it comes to multitasking or heavy gaming. So in order to be the best and reach the top Samsung needs to eradicate lagging issues.

Refined Camera Feature:


Apple has perfected every single department in the iPhone 6. Concentrating on the camera, the iPhone 6 sports a 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, phase detection autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash camera which clicks flawless, crisp and crystal clear photographs. Even after 4x Zoom, there is no sign of pixelation but in Samsung there is a lot of flaws which can be spotted. No doubt Samsung's smartphones camera click good photographs but during and after the picture is click, signs of pixelation can be seen as zoom in is done. Samsung needs to improove on its camera features. The Galaxy S6 might sports a 20 MP, 4992 х 3744 pixels, phase detection autofocus, LED flash. So hopelly Samsung might get a chance to be on the top.

Updated S Features:

Additional features

Apple might have given its iPhone 6 users Apple Pay and nothing else to boast about, but Samsung has given truck loads of additional features to dig on. To Start off we can discuss about the S pen which has been a great success on the Note series. Now Samsung has started to provide its users S health through which users can monitor their heart beat and blood pressure too. There is a sensor placed besides the camera flash which helps to monitor your pulse. But the iPhone has nothing as such installed other than the normal pre-installed sensors.

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