8 ways to use an old smartphone

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8 ways to use an old smartphone

Do you own a first generation smartphone that is outdated and old? Read this article before thinking to throw it off. The old smartphones do not die but they get stuck in the drawer after you get a new and cool one. This generation follows the untold policy out to outdated ones and in to the latest. This policy will work out with the cameras and MP3 players but the smartphones are completely different.

A smartphone that is quite old still has plenty of functions and you can use it effectively. You would have paid a considerable amount of money to own the handset and why don’t you use it for some more time in an efficient manner.

Emergency Phone

Even a deactivated smartphone can be used to make a particular phone call. Guess what? 911. So why can’t your old handset be of use during emergency situations? However it cannot transmit the location to the operator so your primary handset is also necessary.

Wi-Fi Phone

Because you are not paying for the carrier supporting your old device, it doesn’t mean that the handset cannot make any phone calls. If the smartphone has Wi-Fi support, you can avoid the carrier and use some VoIP services like Truphone, Skype or Fring. With Wi-Fi, you can turn your phone back to a phone.

MP3 Player

The old mobile phones can behave as MP3 players but this might not excite you if you already have an iPod but still in case you have kids, imagine how nice it would be to give them your old smartphone to listen to the Disney songs.

For gaming purposes

The app stores have plenty of game applications for the old devices with different resolution. Even if the device does not have a cellular connection, it can access the respective app store using Wi-Fi and also download the games that are required.


When your smartphone can serve the purpose of an e-book reader why do you have to spend separately on a Kindle? All you will have to have is an e-reader app in it. Amazon offers apps for various mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry.

More Portable Storage

Why do you have to spend on a flash drive when your old smartphone can offer you to same feature? Smartphones usually have a minimum of 2 GB storage space and also a USB port to to act like a removable drive. You can use old gadgets as data storage units for transferring large files, for backing up the important documents and more.

Pocket PC

The old handset has a mighty processor in it and so why don’t you want to take its advantage. The handset can be used as alarm clock, financial mortgage calculator, world clock, digital notepad or to-do list. IF you have Wi-Fi support, you can use it for Google searches and other web related activities.

Recycle or Sell

If you are not convinced with the above alternatives, you can better recycle or sell your handset. Selling will fetch you a god amount of cash and offer someone else a less cutting edge device at low cost. The recycling is another option and it will be the best solution for an unused device.

All the suggestions mentioned above may not work well with all the smartphones but still they can make you put your handset for a good use.

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