A Dual Identity Smartphone From VMware

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A Dual Identity Smartphone From VMware
Dual identity smartphones that works on VMware Horizon system is the latest buzzword around the smartphone industry which is thriving to innovate and integrate newer technologies to sustain in the market. And the two technology majors that have partnered in order to make this ambitious project a reality is VMware and Verizon wireless. Both have joined hands to develop an android based smartphone that can be used for both personal as well as Business use. VMware is a company that specializes in virtualization software and Verizon wireless is also a major technology major that provides IT infrastructure support as well as Software development applications in mobiles.

The development of Dual identity smartphone that runs on VMware Horizon system is expected to come with cutting edge features that protect the enterprises security applications. The product is expected to make use of both 3G and 4G technologies. The main advantage of this device is that companies do not have to provide the smartphones to the employees and forfeit the smartphone once they leave the company. With the introduction of this device the enterprise staff members can bring the smartphones and convert the to business use and can tae back the smartphone to their home and can be converted for personal uses without affecting the business. The release of the dual identity smartphones is expected to create waves around the business industry.

VMware Horizon is expected to make its entry for the first time in the mobile phone industry with a big bang by the launch of this Dual Identity smartphones. The smartphone has been designed in such a way that it enables the IT departments in secure management as well as provision and de-provision from the workplace to the employee's android based smartphone through the air medium. This technology enables the employees in maintaining the privacy as well as in controlling the personal mobile environment.

VMware Horizon Mobile is expected to make use of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure set up in which the data storage and computing functions of the workplace is stored in a central data center and all the corporate data stays with the company by decommissioning the smartphone. The users that are the employees will make use of a virtual identity that belongs to the workplace and a personal identity which cannot be mixed. The dual identity smartphone is expected to be released in the next few months. VMware horizon mobile has tied up with LG to market this device in the Indian market. This smartphone will be competitively price in India and the official announcement is expected within a few months.

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