A gesture controlled smartphone coming soon

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A gesture controlled smartphone coming soon

Technology is at it’s sky-high with the launch of smartphones that comes with lot of amazing and attractive features. One among them is the expected launch of a gesture controlled smartphone. The gesture controlled smartphone is expected to be launched in to the international market by a small company named XTR3D in the beginning of 2012 itself.

Some of the path breaking features that is expected to come with the smartphone includes changing of the FM channels as well as controlling of the volume functionalities by means of gestures itself. The following feature will be applicable to all those smartphones that makes use of XTR3D technology.

XTR3D Company seems to be inspired by Microsoft’s Kinect which is mainly a gesture controlled gaming console. The gaming console mainly works on the basis of gestures as well as voice controls. The gestures are even applicable up to as far as 50 cms. But one of the major factors that make XTR3D quite unique from Microsoft’s Kinect is that Kinect is more suitable for televisions where as it is not that suitable for tablets as well as smartphones. But XTR3D has been designed especially for smartphones.

Kinect makes use of Depth sensors, multi-array microphones as well as RGB cameras where as XTR3D mainly relies on the usage of simpler 2D cameras that helps the device to get the 3D out of 2D images. Some of the benefits that this technology provides include the reduction in the extent of strain that is caused on user’s eyes.

In addition to the range of new devices that makes use of XTR3D technology, even the older smartphones can also upgrade themselves to the XTR3D technology by means of downloading the software. Once the software is implemented, users can enjoy the benefits of using XTR3D technology that includes the presence of virtual swipe, zoom-in, and zoom-out as well as pinch-to-zoom functionality.

The launch of XTR3D gesture controlled smartphone will make substantial changes in the way the user will make use of the smartphones in future, mainly by means of gesture technology that is expected to generate greater competition in this segment. Even Micromax A85 also comes with a similar gesture control by making use of the front camera in order to register the swipe gestures that help in navigating among different screens. Even Qualcomm is also working on a similar gesture controlled technology. So, now the users can very well see a new means of smartphone working once the XTR3D gesture controlled smartphone is released.

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