A Smartphone For Medical World

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A Smartphone For Medical World
Technology has reached such a peak that the use of smartphones as well as other products can be used as an alternative for several functions. And manufacturers are really thriving to create products that can in fact help change the people's lives to make his world a safer place. The latest innovative product that has been introduced in to the market by Mobisante that is considered in the industry circles as one of the pioneers in the Mobile health industry is none other than an ultra sound smartphone named as MobiUS. The product comes with a technologically advanced user friendly features and the efforts taken by Mobisante deserves greater attention.

MobiUS also comes with an integrated ultrasound imaging system that has its applications in a number of medical diagnosis purposes. The smartphone can be used for medical diagnosis that includes abdominal imaging as well as fetal imaging. The product can also be used for other procedures that include Vascular DVT evaluation as well as vascular access. The launch of this ultrasound smartphone in the US market is seen by analysts as one of the greatest discoveries ever happened in the history keeping in mind the user friendly features that makes certain sense especially regarding health issues. Other user friendly features of this smartphone are in the analysis of Ectopic pregnancy and it is also used for Amniotic Fluid Assessment. The smartphone can also be used for primary care too.

The design of MobiUS seems to be quite impressive with a white body panel that very well suits the doctors as well as the medical lab technicians. It comes with a 4.1 inch WVGA display with a screen resolution of 800*480 pixels. The smartphone can store up to 8GB of data in the memory storage space. The smartphone makes use of Windows Mobile 6.5 that is powered by Toshiba TG101 smartphone. The product also makes use of a USB 2.0 port connectivity to carry out the diagnosis. The smartphones can work with the operating system that includes Windows XP, Windows Vista as well as Windows 7.

MobiUS smartphone can also be used for the cardiac, peripheral vessel as well as pelvic diagnosis too. Even the doctors as well as those running the clinics can make use of this smartphones in case of emergency diagnosis and can be sent through the internet.

The price in India of MobiUS is around Rs.3, 37, 500 and that is the amount that you have to pay for getting such a wonderful smartphone that has path breaking medical diagnosis applications. Since this is more targeted at big hospitals and health organizations, price seems fine. Another wonderful use of mobile technology in display here!

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