Acer To Launch Wearable Devices in Second Half of 2014 [Report]

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Taiwan's Acer, a well-known name in the PC and tablet business, certainly has plans to jump into wearable devices market sometime later this year.

In a recent interview with Trusted Reviews, Allen Burnes, Vice President of Acer's Smartphone Business Group, has apparently confirmed Acer's interest in getting into fast growing wearable computing devices market.

"We will be deploying wearable products through the second half of this year. We were going to announce some stuff now but we decided to hold back," Burnes told Trusted Reviews

Acer's first wearables will be "very targeted"; however, the company ruled out a possibility to launch a smartwatch that could rival Samsung's current generation Gear 2. The new report further states that the company will approach "new designs" and form factors, so as to differentiate it from rivals.

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Acer To Launch Wearable Devices in Second Half of 2014 [Report]

Apparently, earlier this year, anonymous sources close to CNA were quoted saying that the company's first wearable device will be "distinctive," standing out from the competition. However, as things stand, Acer could possibly announce a necklace that may sport body temperature sensors and connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, or work independently.

As of now, nothing concrete has been said in context to Acer's first-generation wearable devices.

Wearable Devices Market- An Overview

It is widely assumed that wearable devices will come in a variety of form factors and sizes. It could be a smartwatch or Google Glass-like device or may be a fitness tracking band for that matter.
As wearable devices continue to proliferate, we will see more form factors and designs that would have never thought before.

According to the recent report, smart watches are expected to be the most popular form factor for wearable computing for consumers.

Established players like Samsung, for instance, have been looking to tap young consumers with its new range of Gear 2 smartwatch range. The Tizen-based smartwatch will hit worldwide market starting April this year.

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