Amazon 'Fire' Kindle Phone Launch: Top 5 Features to Expect

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Finally the end to a saga that started much before your resident Game of Thrones addiction. Amazon is finally ready to unveil its first ever smartphone to the world. The smartphone is known around the Web as Amazon's Fire phone and is said to support 3D viewing.

Amazon's mystery unveiling on June 18, Wednesday is anyway widely expected to be a smartphone. and of the company manages to pull this off perfectly, it could be a major boost to the smartphone market while increasing the potential of the US online giant as a device maker.

Amazon 'Fire' Kindle Phone Launch: Top 5 Features to Expect

The company has already offered a few hints in this respect by inviting a small group of media to the event to be hosted by Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos. And it seems like all the major analysts have already started looking forward to a new smartphone from the company.

"If it is a smartphone, Amazon would automatically be considered one of the top players before it even ships its first phone," said Gerry Purdy, chief mobile analyst for Compass Intelligence, for example.

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But while all that sounds impressive, why is the smartphone such a big deal in the tech fraternity? And what exactly does the arrival of the smartphone mean to the Android eco-system? We take a look at 5 possible reasons why the smartphone can change the market forever.

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Amazon 'Fire' 3D Smartphone: New Kinds of Gesture Control, Maybe?

We will talk about the phone's 3D feature a bit later. For the time being, however, let's focus on the fact that the device could arrive with new gesture controls. Apparently, it has been written all over the Internet that the Fire phone's 3D screen will be accompanied by a huge number of gesture controls.

In fact, a number of examples have been provided to BGR in the past. For example, when using the IMDb mobile app, the ratings are said to appear on top of thumbnail images if the phone is tilted to the side. Also, in Yelp, location ratings could show up over pins on the map view via the same gesture.

We are yet to deduce what's real or what is not, but if this sees the light of the day, Google might have reshuffle Android a bit to compete.

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Amazon 'Fire' 3D Smartphone: A New Shopping Interface, They Say

Speculations have arrived in abundance related to the new Amazon phone. And one of them have discussed abundantly about how amazon plans to introduce a brand new shopping interface with the phone's 3D effects. The device could aim "to close any remaining gap between the impulse to buy and the completed act," New York Times previously stated.

Now we are not really sure as to what a "new shopping interface" refers to. But if anything goes out of the ordinary, we might be seeing similar competitive changes happening for the Android Play Store as well.

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Amazon 'Fire' 3D Smartphone: A Three Dimesional Being (3D)

Reports have sprung up on the web in recent weeks taking on the several leaks talking about the actual 3D interface of the phone. Apparently, Amazon is said to fill up the phone with a host of 3D wallpapers and even include the effect in its book, music, and other digital stores.

So by adjusting the phone in a certain way, users can actually see objects to buy from different perspectives and angles. We don't know how that will be made possible, but it sure sounds exciting. Google, are you listening?


Amazon 'Fire' 3D Smartphone: Six Cameras? Seriously?

Back in March this year, reports were making rounds around the web saying that the new Amazon phone might be unveiled sporting as many as six cameras. To make things even easier, the device is supposedly arriving with four extra front-facing cameras, each on a corner of the screen.

But what's the use here? Apparently, these cameras work with the internal gyrometer, accelerometer, and "other sensors" to help produce a 3D effect even without the need for 3D glasses. Quite space age, huh? You better believe it.

Amazon 'Fire' 3D Smartphone: The Teaser to Mark it All Off

Amazon previously published a teaser video for the upcoming event to mark the arrival of the phone a few weeks back. And if you notice carefully, you can see the top of a phone-like device about 42 seconds into the teaser.

Also, Amazon's video features a lot of people impressed at what they are looking at, even saying things like the device "moved with me" and "that's pretty damn intuitive."

So the kind of mystery the teaser creates here, it shows for sure that the company has something major cooking behind its closed doors. And if that goes on to be a major hot among users, the market could indeed witness a tectonic shift in power in the coming months.

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