Amazon's First Smartphone with 3D Display Pegged for June 2014 Release

Posted By:,  the world's largest e-retailer, now eyes to venture into handset business with a phone that would employ retina-tracking technology embedded in four front-facing cameras, to make images appear in 3-D.

The firm is ready to battle agains the likes of Apple and Samsung, with a unique handset of its own. The purported handset is pegged to be announced by the end of June, followed by the retail availability in September of this year.

The e-retailer has been demonstrating several versions of the phone to developers in its native city recently, according to sources close to The Wall Street Journal

What's special about the Amazon-branded phone would be its ability to display 3D images without need to wear special glasses. The technique adopted by Amazon seems to be different from what Nintendo has used with its flagship portable gaming system, the 3DS.

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Amazon's First Smartphone with 3D Display Pegged for June 2014 Release

If we further dig ourselves into the report, the 3-D technology used by Amazon can sense the movement a person's eyes. Moreover, the handset will be automatically able to zoom into images as it "moves closer to a user's face", the report said.

Since Amazon is dreaming to be a gaming powerhouse in the coming years to come, the upcoming phone would be ideal for gaming. Rumors have it that the device's software is optimized for visual games, making it ideal for accurate gaming.

While there have been and continue to be numerous rumors swirling about the operating system expected to run Amazon's first-generation phone. The report, however, fails to share concrete information. The Kindle Fire tablet and the Fire TV set-top box both runs customized version of Google's Android OS.

"Amazon has been inviting select app and software developers to hotels to demonstrate the handset in suites protected by security guards," sources familiar to The Wall Street Journal revealed

An Amazon phone has been long rumored. In 2013, multiple reports had suggested that Amazon might offer a free phone without any contract in the US. This could be a possibility as Amazon likes to mint profits from customers buying services through Amazon hardware, rather than profit from the devices themselves.

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