Amazon Smartphone Could Be Arriving This June: Top 5 Things To Expect

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"Just cut to the chase and release the phone already." This is probably the most common thing in everyone's mind when dealing with the age old rumored smartphone that's set to arrive from Amazon.

While the Amazon-made device has time and again been rumored in the past with even Amazon denying its existence, there was a report via the Wall Street Journal that an Amazon smartphone prototype was already demoed to developers.

Amazon Smartphone Could Be Arriving This June: Top 5 Things To Expect

It was even revealed that an announcement confirming the forthcoming Amazon phone could be made as soon as June. Although, the basic truth of the matter is that the phone has been said to arrive almost every year for the last few years.

While we don't come with the ability to see the future, but if the new smartphone from Amazon indeed ends up arriving later this year, then it could mark itself as a primary rival against the likes of Apple and Samsung.

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But before anything official turns up for the handset (which will take some time), we are expecting the device to come with a few features and specs. So here we take a look at the top 5 things expected out of the new Amazon smartphone.

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Amazon Smartphone Expectations: No Google Play, Whatsoever

When the new Amazon smartphone finally comes into being, don't expect it to sport the Google-based Play Store. Amazon had already forked its own version of Android from Google's open source software in the past, and the same is expected with the new Amazon phone.

Amazon Smartphone Expectations: Hardware

As revealed by a number of reports in the past, the Amazon-made smartphone is expected to feature 4.7-inch 720p display with as many as four IR cameras on the corner of the phone that are designed to track your face when using the phone. But more information on this is expected to arrive in the upcoming months.

Amazon Smartphone Expectations: 3D Display

This one is probably the most common factor in all the rumors related to the phone. Apparently, the new Amazon-made smartphone is expected to arrive with some sort of a 3D display. Also, the technology is said to pass on the fact that modern 3D viewing requires special 3D-enabled glasses.

Amazon Smartphone Expectations: Pricing

We cannot give you an exact price of the device as of now, but you could expect the new Amazon-made smartphone to be priced lesser than your regular Apple or Samsung offerings. So if there's anything to go by at the moment, expect the phone to be follow up the likes of Kindle Fire HDX tablets with aggressively less price.

Amazon Smartphone Expectations: Release Date

The smartphone market is quite a bloody place at the moment with a number of makers becoming more and more aggressive in releasing their products. And we are only expecting the Amazon phone to be a part of it in the long run.

And as far as a potential release date for the device is concerned, there's massive expectations all around the planet that the device will see some kind of light as soon as this June. That way it will have the upper hand ahead of Apple in releasing a phone that's usually in the rumor section.

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