Android 4.4 KitKat: Google Will Reportedly Concentrate on Low end Smartphone Range

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In mere hours from now, Google will reveal detailed features of Android 4.4KitKat, alongside the unveiling of Nexus 5 phone. Now according to a new report, Google has tried to solve the problem of Android fragmentation, and the new version of Android, is a possible answer.

Whenever Google announces a newer version of Android mobile OS, the low-end handsets were completely ignored. Thus, half of the phones running Android are not compatible with the latest versions. Android 4.4 Kitkat will reportedly work well on lower-end Android handsets. Here's an excerpt from the published report:

"KitKat "optimizes memory use in every major component" and provides "tools to help developers create memory-efficient applications" for "entry-level devices," such as those that have 512 megabytes of memory, according to the document."

Android 4.4 KitKat Optimised for Low end Smartphones

Since Google's OEM partners are working on wearable devices, the update might support current and forthcoming smart watches. The Android 4.4 Kitkat is expected to support three new types of sensors: geomagnetic rotation vector, step detector and step counter.

Most likely, these new features have been added in context to long rumored Google Gem smartwatch (likely to be launched next year), and existing Google Glass. The sensors will be able to tell how far someone walked based on the steps they took.

Kitkat will also allow users to abandon physical cards instead of virtual cards. Again, it seems that Google is once again betting on NFC technology.

"KitKat will allow developers to create services to allow phones to "emulate" physical cards that let people make payments, earn loyalty rewards, enter secure buildings and public-transit system, according to the confidential document."

The new version of Android also allow developers to build apps that allow Android devices to work as universal remotes. The update will let allow your Android phone to control more devices by using Bluetooth.

Source: Jessica Lessin

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