Android and iOS in Serious Danger? Top 4 Upcoming Mobile Operating Systems That Pose a Threat

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We repeat ourselves time and again saying that the mobile eco-system is primarily divided into two major dominions: Android and iOS. But when we repeat, it's simply because these are only the two major OSs that are actually active, compared to others.

Right now, the likes of BB and Windows Phone are yet to reach a level that's currently maintained by Android and iOS. However, it won't be long before these OSs come to similar terms. But still we need time before we can experience such a revolution.

Major players in the market such as Google and Apple have already involved a lot of innovation in their respective operating systems. And while these companies still continue to add more to the offering via new features and fixes, they will also be having an eye out for any new innovation that might look to downplay their own offering.

Look toward the new Amazon Fire Phone for new innovation, for the time being. And we are pretty sure that not only Google and Apple have made a note of new device, they are already planning on what is to be done to leverage themselves up above the device.

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But we are not dealing with a single device here, rather the entire OS ecosystem that will offer a device its own presence among others. So barring Android and iOS, which are the newest players in the market that are arriving with all guns blazing? Let's take a closer look.

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Top Upcoming Mobile Operating Systems: Firefox OS

The first one in our list is actually the one that might soon be featured across a number of smartphones set to be released in the country before the end of the year.

The Firefox OS is basically an open-source operating system that has been designed to be used on phones, tablets and even smart TVs. And as you might have guessed already, the OS has been developed by Mozilla.

While the OS may just seem like your regular Android offering at first glance, but there's actually more than it meets the eye. Not only has the OS been customized to fit even on devices with the lowest RAM power possible, but devices based on it will allow you to sync your Facebook account and import all your contacts. You can chat with those contacts straight from the contacts list.

In case you didn't know, the Firefox OS is already available on several handsets such as the Alcatel One Touch Fire and the ZTE Open in several different countries like US, UK and Germany.

Top Upcoming Mobile Operating Systems: Tizen

While some say that the age of Linux is actually over, one operating system that's actually making full use of it (and thensome), is Tizen. The OS, made for use in smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices, was developed by Samsung in co-ordination with the Linux Foundation and Intel.

Tizen's power lies in the fact that the OS puts a lot of impetus on multi-window apps and majorly customizable widget. The OS lets you ease through the Value Added Services (VAS) from their network carriers, while also allowing you to re-size apps into small windows. or even stack them side by side or top to bottom.

Currently, the Samsung Z is set to be the first Tizen powered smartphone. The smartphone will be launched in Russia first sometime in Q3 of this year.

Top Upcoming Mobile Operating Systems: Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu doesn't really need any introduction and you will anyway come across a number of your friends already using the OS on their laptops. But the excitement starts once you peep into what's on offer for the mobile domain.

Developed via Canonical, Ubuntu Touch could be viewed as one of the most potential-filled operating systems that's expected to offer a lot if made more mainstream.

The most talked about feature of this OS is the UI as it offers Unity (Standard User interface for all devices), button less UI, a new ‘edge magic' feature (a swipe through the edges of the screen brings in a lot of options for the user), apart from the fact that it's easy to develop application on desktop and port onto mobile.

Top Upcoming Mobile Operating Systems: Jolla Sailfish OS

More Linux love on the horizon. And this time, the OS comes in the form of the Jolla Sailfish OS. Pronounced actually as Yo-la, this is basically a Finnish company that was started by ex-Nokia employees.

The Sailfish OS is based on the Meego project, and is said to come with a similar concept as that of the Meego, only re-modeled. The company has also said that Jolla Mobile is planning to compete with existing leaders like Android and iOS via the Sailfish UI.

The best thing here is that the OS will support quite a few Android application without any real change. And we are waiting to see how exactly that plans out.

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