Android L Unveiled At Google IO 2014: Top 5 Changes We are Expecting To Happen

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Google's annual I/O conference, aimed at developers all around the planet, has seen a number of innovations happening in all sectors. We have been introduced to new and refurbished Chromebook features and a host of new smartwatches from Samsung and LG.

However, what we were actually waiting for was some information on the next version of Android. And, somewhat, we heard a thing or two about it.

Android L Unveiled At Google IO 2014: Top 5 Changes That Could Happen

Although not the previously touted Android 5, but it seems like Android L is the next generation of Android for the time being. With the introduction to "L," a host of new changes were also brought to the front. In fact, according to Sundar Pichai, head of Android, it is set to be one of the biggest Android updates to date.

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Apparently, the Android L is set to offer a radical new design with 5000 new APIs. And while it will be available for developer previews soon, the "L" will be contextually aware of its surrounding, with voice being a major input source.

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But while all that constitutes the larger part of the entire unveiling, there were a few finer points to the platform as well that needs to be brought to the front. And although the L has been announced, what are we expecting from it in days to come? We take a closer look at the top 5 changes on the horizon for Android.

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Android L: Notification and Lock Screen

If the early signs are to be taken into account, Notifications on Android L are expected to get an overhaul. It has been reported that the notification panel is being merged with the lockscreen in order for users to see what's going on as they pick up the phone. There will also be a simple swipe up needed to take the user into the phone. Android L is also expected to learn from you as it will work out on what you look at more often to prioritize that notification.

Android L: Battery Upgradation

It has been reported that the batteries on phones running on Android L will become more efficient with Project Volta, which is Google's assistance to show you how and why a phone's battery is being drained out. Apparently, the new changes will open up the battery use to developers so they can see check out the reasons for such drainage and what can be done to curb that.

Android L: Auto Support for Android TV

If reports are to be believed, Android L will support TV, where information will be overlaid across the top of the information. Android TV has already been revealed at this year's I/O and now with Android L at you disposal, you will be treated to a host of content such as games, films and TV shows. And all this straight on your big screen.

Android L: Apps that Interlock

Google, apparently, wants all you apps to be interlinked to each other. And although we are yet to get more information on this, it seems like the feature will anyway depend a lot on app developers taking advantage of the new tools.

Android L: Release Date

So when exactly are we getting the Android L on our handsets? Honestly, we don't know. But if by any chance you are a developer with a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 then it will be easiest as it will be available from June 26 to developers. However, if you fall under the "user" category, then wait for the fall of this year.

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