Android powered twin smartphones from ZTE

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Android powered twin smartphones from ZTE

Smartphones are no longer novelties. Their technology has become so widespread that there are now budget smartphones in the market catering to those who’d like to say they own a smartphone but aren’t bothered about the extra features. Many manufacturers have these low-end mobile handsets, and one of them is ZTE.

Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE is really busy revealing new products, with the ZTE Chaser and ZTE Venture being two of the latest Android-powered products. ZTE Chaser has a candybar form factor with only a 600MHz processor and 3.5-inch display. It also has a 3.2-megapixel camera. The only way such a relatively basic product could become a success is through really competitive pricing.

ZTE Venture has a more Blackberry-like style to it with a QWERTY portrait-style keyboard. That is probably the only major difference between ZTE Chaser and ZTE Venture. ZTE Venture however has a 2.8-inch display instead of the 3.5-inch one on X500. It has a 512 MB RAM and the similar 600 MHz processor. Memory expansion slots include 2GB free memory card and up to 32GB with the microSD memory card slot. Both are more-or-less similar low-end devices that ZTE needs to price aggressively if they are to be remotely successful.

Both ZTE Chaser and ZTE Venture will run the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS from Google. That’s a welcome feature as is the fact that these HTC smartphones will provide instant access to Android Market from which users can access above 300,000 apps.

That should provide attractive and extensive customization options for users. The general feeling expressed by most is that these newly rendered images appear to be very similar to the ZTE X500 and ZTE Style Q. ZTE Venture particularly resembles Style Q except for the presence of four touch-sensitive buttons in contrast to three capacitive ones on the Style Q.

So if you are looking for a decent, or should we say basic, Android smartphone and long to have great fun with a host of apps, ZTE Chaser or ZTE Venture should satisfy you. Price and availability details have not been revealed yet so it’s not clear when these products will be making their way to India.

But if at all they do, ZTE will most likely project them as budget smartphones and, as we mentioned earlier, price them really competitively though it isn’t clear which service provider it will tie up with in the country. MTS already offers cost-effective Android smartphones, so other service providers could probably be looking to offer these ZTE smartphones too if they become available.

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