Android Silver Incoming At Google IO? What We Know So Far

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It hasn't been long since the blogosphere was talking about how Google wishes to re-brand its Nexus line of devices to a brand new Android Silver. And while rumors keep flying in for the same, there is a slight possibility that the first of its kind might be shown off at this year's Google I/O event.

Multiple sources has even stated how the Silver is going to be a very big deal. And while that's good news for all tech enthusiasts, it could come as a big blow for phone makers such as Samsung.

Android Silver Incoming At Google IO? What We Know So Far

Android Silver could be seen as Google's attempt to get back control of Android from OEMs. It is set to replace the Nexus programme and go on to produce a series of premium smartphones.

The device could arrive in partnership between the likes of HTC and Sony giving Google the front row seat in limiting pre-installed third party apps to a minimum.

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But while we ponder over what will happen, and if we get to see the device or not, we are listing down all the things that we so far know about the line of flagships. Lets take a closer look.

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Android Silver: What Exactly is it?

Android Silver is quite like the Nexus programme. But where Google brings in the change is via the fact that it will now work with many manufacturers at one single time. Reports even say that there will be Android Silver kiosks in shops and even an Amazon-style video support service for Silver users, while the Nexus programme goes out of service.

Android Silver: Probable Manufacturers

LG and Motorola have been named as the likeliest candidates for initial devices. But more are expected to follow soon.

Android Silver: What It Means For Us

It is expected that with these new devices coming to the market, it will be even easier to get high end devices at quite the reasonable price. Moreover, the devices are expected to be free from bloatware, unwanted apps and over-the-top customization that are such a problem.

Android Silver: Release Date

All fingers point at the Google I/O, but we know that it's too good to be true. It isn't happening any time soon. But we have our fingers crossed for at least a glimpse of it.

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