Android Smartphone Users Facing Massive Virus Threat Via Adobe Reader

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Here's a grave piece of information for all those of you hooked on to your Android smartphones (and there are quite a few). According to reports, Android phone users are facing a potential vulnerability in certain versions of their 'Adobe Reader' programme which could compromise their personal data.

The potential vulnerability, of which the cyber security agencies have alerted Indian Android phone users about, has been recognized as a state of high alert.

Also the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) said the malfunction affects the Adobe Reader mobile version of "11.1.3 and prior" installed in Android phones.

"A remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability by creating a specially-crafted content which, when executed by the target user, would lead to execution of arbitrary code on the target user's system leading to compromise of the documents in the reader (Adobe Reader) and SD (secure digital) card files," the agency said in its advisory to users.

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"This vulnerability exists in Adobe Reader due to improper restrictions to certain JavaScript interfaces from ARJavaScript, ARCloudPrintActivity, ARCreatePDFWebView classes."

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As of now, the agency has asked the users of this series of Adobe Reader to upgrade their respective software to the new 11.2 version and take help of proper security patches on their devices to be protected from any virus attacks.

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