Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Samsung Galaxy Note Update Confirmed Along with Premium Suite, Multi-View

By: Gizbot Bureau

Well, the long wait for Android update of original Samsung Galaxy Note owners is over. As recently, the news has come in that Samsung will be finally rolling out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the device.

And the good news doesn't just end over here, the best part is that the Jelly Bean update will come along with a series of other software enhancements in the phablet, that is, second premium suite update accompanied with features of the new OS including multi-window, Google Now and Project Butter.

This will definitely increase the caliber of the device to compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S3 and the successor Galaxy Note 2. Reportedly, the most important of them is the Multi-Window feature, which will enable users to perform multiple tasks on the screen at the same time, without having to switch between apps.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Samsung Galaxy Note Update Confirmed Along

Detailing on further additions, the new update will deliver the Photo Note / Photo Frame feature to users, so that they would be able to add handwritten notes on the front or back of their photos.

The update will also offer them the option to crop an image from any screen to save or share via Easy Clip, along with the Paper Artist app, which will deliver a series of editing effects for photo manipulation.

The new Premium Suite includes feature like:

Popup Note / Video / Browser: Popup Note, which allows users to instantly and conveniently write down directions, phone numbers, and other information while on a call. Popup Note will intuitively open when you pull out S Pen or double tap the screen. Popup Video and Browser allow users to watch videos or browse the web while performing other tasks.

Enhanced S Note: - More amusing effects & new templates were added. Use Sketch effect for various photo effect and image filters with Color Picker, you can pick any color you want directly from any images and draw with it.

Handwriting on S Planner/ Email: Send handwritten notes via Email or handwrite memos to yourself in S Planner. Like a post card, you can send your emotional feeling now via Email with handwritten notes. Like your paper planner, you can write down your tasks in a more personal and intuitive way.


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