Patent War: Apple Asks Samsung To Pay Up $380 Million, Samsung Parries With $52 Million

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In August 2012, a US court ordered Samsung to pay Apple about $ billion in damages over patent infringement of Apple' s iPhones. Apart form this, Samsung has seen its products being temporarily banned in several countries as a result of legal fight with Apple.

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Patent War: Apple Asks Samsung To Pay Up $380 Million

If this wasn't enough, Apple is now demanding that Samsung electronics pays it $380 million for copying certain essential iPad and iPhone features. Samsung has responded by saying that it only owes Apple $52 million. Reports indicate that the jury at a San Jose courtroom will find somewhere in between.

Apple's attorney, Harold McElhinny, said in court that Samsung should pay $379.8 million for violating five patents on the iPhone. In response, Samsung's attorney, William Price, argued that the South Korean Electronics giant should only have to pay about $52.7 million.

"Apple lost sales because Samsung was selling infringing products," Apple attorney Harold McIlhenny told the jury during opening statements. He argued that Apple's lost profits, Samsung's profits on the offending devices and royalties owed Apple, add up to $380 million.

Bill Price responded to these statements by saying that consumers preferred Samsung's devices because of the many differences, and not the similarities that they share with Apple's products. "Apple is simply asking for much more money than it's entitled to," he said.

The two technology giants have been engaged in global litigation over each other's intellectual property for a while now. The most important incident in this bitter struggle was when Apple was awarded over $1 billion in 2012.

Apart form this, the court in San Jose also rejected Apple's request for a permanent ban on the sale of some Samsung products in the U.S. market. Despite this, the Cupertino based technology company has appealed that decision.

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