Apple beats Samsung in the battle of smartphones

Posted By: Rahul

Apple beats Samsung in the battle of smartphones

According to confirmed reports, the world's leading I.T. Major Apple has beaten Samsung in the smartphone race. This news comes as a shot in the arm for Apple which is all set to launch one of it's flagship products the iPad3.

Apple has reported extraordinarily good sales figures with most of them coming through the sales of the i Pad 2 & the i Phone Whereas Samsung tried it's best to overtake Apple with the launch of some feature-filled products but lagged behind Apple. The reports also state that Apple sold 35.5 million smartphones whereas Samsung sold 34 million smartphones in the same period.

The users preferred Apple smartphones since they provide features which provide a PC like enriching internet experience. Thus Apple's features were a big hit with all category of people. Samsung smartphones were mainly preferred in countries such as India, Pakistan, South Africa etc where economy plays an important role in people deciding which smartphone to buy.

But in the future, experts predict that Samsung is almost going to equal Apple's smartphone market share as Samsung caters to all economy classes. Thus we can say that as of now Apple is the leader but in future there are chances of Samsung eating into Apple's profits. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below

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