Apple Currently Hiring HTC Engineers To Build More iPhone Models

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Apple, speaking in terms of global audience, is easily one of the most sought after companies in recent times. The company has made such a name for itself both in the U.S. and abroad that the Apple made smartphones and devices come with coolness quotient.

But it seems like that coolness quotient is about step itself up a notch higher with new reports claiming that the Cupertino-based tech giant is currently stealing away HTC engineers, alongside other local engineers, and putting them in its new Shanghai building in order to enhance the build of the new iPhone.

Apple Currently Hiring HTC Engineers To Build More iPhone Models

Brought to light first via the Wall Street Journal, the new report claims that Apple has been hiring engineers from HTC and other Taiwanese tech companies to help the company work more closely with Asian suppliers, so as to manufacture new iPhone and iPad models more frequently.

The Journal also states that Apple has recently been under a lot of increased pressure to conduct "faster and more frequent product launches" now that the average product cycle length has shortened significantly over the past couple of years.

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"The Journal's sources say that 'Apple also has been hiring for its main Asian base in Shanghai, where it moved into a new three-building complex last year' so it looks like Apple is moving much more aggressively to push out more products and counter the army of different phones and tablets that Samsung churns out every year," BGR writes to describe the situation.

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Now it remains to be seen how Apple intends to utilize its new found work force and actually manages to bring out more iPhones a year that its ordinary limit.

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