Apple Coming Soon With Flexible Sapphire Display

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Apple is now all geared up to compete the two major consumer electronics manufacturer, LG and Samsung in ground of flexible display. Now the patent filing from Apple pertaining to the flexible display has been spotted at the Apple's Patently site, which explains how the display is going to be.

Apple Coming Soon With Flexible Sapphire Display

While on the other hand, Motorola is also reportedly said to be working on a flexible display featuring smartwatch. The news come from a similar patent report filed earlier but now has come out to our notice.

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Reportedly, according to a published report on Thursday, the Cupertino based Apple has received a U.S. patent for a flexible wraparound display.

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The patent covers a number of different shapes including a "hollow cylinder, a hollow tube with an oval, triangular, or rectangular cross-sectional shape, or other hollow shapes."

According to the reports, the hollow display cover structure could possibly be made up of sapphire and two caps would cover the openings on each end.

Apple's patent also reveals information as to how the display can be used for games. One or more sensors can monitor screen rotation and information on the screen could stay in the same position, or rotate along with the display.

Apple is rumored to be introducing a larger screened iPhone next year with a screen that curves downward at the edges. Thus, Apple fans can now start expecting a flexible display featuring iPhone soon.


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