Apple to Introduce Sony-Made Camera Sensors for New iPhone: Could Go Bezel-Free

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Apple is ever-present on the internet with a host of different rumors circulating all over the week. While the rumors sometimes are related to a new upgraded iOS platform, others talk about a brand new iPhone that could be released in the coming months.

However, there's something new to follow up on the Cupertino-based technology giant this time as, according to a Japanese report, Apple is currently said to be in negotiations with Japanese heavyweight Sony for supply of camera sensors for an upcoming iPhone.

Apple to Introduce Sony-Made Camera Sensors: Could Go Bezel-Free

As reported by Nikkei, Japan's largest business daily, Apple has asked Sony to double the supply of camera components for brand new iPhone that's slated to roll out as early as next year.

As of now, Sony already supplies nearly all of the CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors for the current iPhone models' primary rear cameras. And with the new deal for the same, as the report states, "Apple is likely looking to switch to Sony sensors for the secondary camera on the screen side, used for taking self-portraits."

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"The American smartphone maker apparently uses parts from suppliers in the U.S. and elsewhere for the front camera. With more customers expected to use smartphones for video calls, it sounded out Sony, which is known for its high-definition technology, about a larger sensor supply," the report adds.

Although Sony hasn't ever formally revealed to who it actually delivers its in-house developed CMOS sensors, it's known all over that the company supplies its sensors to Apple (more than 100 million units a year), the bulk of which is meant for Apple's iPhones.

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Now, if the release of Apple's new products goes well, this already impending figure could double up to more than 200 million units in just a year or two.

Talking about Apple's new iPhone, elsewhere, a brand new speculation from Korea Herald related to the device states that Apple may introduce a bezel-free iPhone 6 that supports fingerprint scanning.

What a bezel-free design for the new iPhone basically means is that the device could require the fingerprint scanner to be integrated into the display.

And for the sake of comparison, the current iPhone 5S offers fingerprint scanning which is done via the home button.

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