Apple iOS 7.1.1 Update Arriving Soon with Bug Fixes, Says Rumors

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Apple's iOS mobile platform, alongside the Google-based Android operating system, is one the most popular mobile-based operating systems around. And with both the OSs getting regular updates from their parent company, their dominance is hard to break. Now it seems like the Apple-based iOS is back in news.

According to reports, The Apple-based iOS platform offering could be set for a brand new update in the form of version 7.1.1. And while everything here has to be taken with a pinch of salt, reports are claiming that the update could soon be on its way to all the supported Apple handsets.

Apple iOS 7.1.1 Update Arriving Soon with Bug Fixes, Says Rumors

Revealed first via Gotta Be Mobile, the folks over there have also stated that they have also witnessed iOS 7.1.1 traffic to their site, with a major increase in frequency in the last week, while suggesting the download's public release is "imminent."

"Gotta Be Mobile's analytics also show increased iOS 7.1.1 activity during the month of April and more specifically, in the last week or so. The increase in frequency could mean that the iOS 7.1.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is imminent," the report states.

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"A specific release date is still not known and Apple almost never announces incremental updates ahead of time."

While we are not really sure as what kind of changes the new update will bring or if we will see it soon or not, rumors in the past have suggested that iOS 7.1.1 could also be a bug fix that could address new and other pre-dominant issues with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and reduced battery life.

"The contents of iOS 7.1.1 remain unknown but given its name, it's likely going to be an incremental bug fix aimed at tackling some of the new and lingering issues inside of iOS 7.1," the report adds.

"For the most part, iOS 7.1 appears stable though as we have pointed out, some iPhone and iPad owners have run into issues since installing Apple's brand new update."

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But whatever it may be, the next iOS 8 release is expected to debut in June at WWDC, so it's only expected that the update 7.1.1 will arrive sooner than that.

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