Apple iOS 8.1: 10 Hidden Tips and Tricks You Should Know

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Earlier last week, Apple released its first big update to iOS 8.0 in the form of iOS 8.1. iOS 8.1 is jam-packed with tweaks that can make your device smarter and easier to use. iOS 8.1 does mark a massive leap forward for iOS.

It's been over a week since the release now, and we have had a chance to play around with the OS. With that, we've come across a few features that weren't highlighted by Apple, but can nevertheless prove to be quite useful to many iOS users.

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There are few tech sites in India, talking about hidden tips and tricks for your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.1. However, in this article, we're sharing 10 simple yet significant iOS 8.1 tips and tricks.

Do let us know your feedback in the comments section below. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Disable Notifications for annoying apps

Now you can finally disable notifications for an app. All you need to go to Settings > Notifications > Select App name > Enable/Disable Notifications

Personal Hotspot

With iOS 8, setting up a Personal Hotspot is easy. Make sure your device is synced with the same iCloud account as your personal account. Now go to Settings >Wi-Fi on your iOS device. You'll see a new connection under Personal Hotspot, and you'll be able to join it without entering any password.

Display Zoom

Both new iPhones come with a new feature called Display Zoom that shows larger sized text, icons and images. To enable this new mode, you need to Settings >Display & Brightness > View >Zoomed.

Battery Usage

Is your device's battery dying quickly? Make sure you keep a tab on how much each app contributes to your battery consumption. Simply go to Settings > Usage > Battery Usage.

Use Location Only While Using the app

Did you know that background location access can lead to severe battery drain? So, the best option in our view is to disable location access. Basically, you can now let apps access location only when let them share. Go to Settings >Privacy > Apps> Allow Location Access: Never/Always.

Close iPad Safari tabs with a flick

The iPad's new Safari tab view let you flick tabs away to the left to close them, rather than the tapping the cross button. You can press and hold a tab and move it around and rearrange tabs.

Bookmark Favorite Webpages

Hurray! You can now tap and hold the Bookmark button in Safari to quickly add the current web page as a bookmark, add it to your Reading List or subscribe to its RSS feed.

Request Desktop Site In Safari

Well this option has been available to Google Chrome users for quite a while. Now Safari on iOS 8 has an option to request the desktop version of a website, if you find that the mobile version isn't appealing enough.

Hide your photos

With iOS 8, you can now hide photos easily. To hide photos, simply tap and hold on it. The photo will be hidden from Moments, Collections and Years, but still visible in Albums.

Add Images To Notes

Now there's a way to add images to Notes. To add a photo, long tap inside a note app. By now you should also see a new Insert Photo option, simply access to your Photo Library and can pick any photo.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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