Apple iOS 8 To Arrive with Next iPhone? Top 5 Rumors To Keep in Mind

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As of now, it goes without saying that Apple, aside the likes of Samsung and Sony, is one of the major players in the world taking on the smartphone market single-handedly by becoming one of the most popular brands (if there ever was one).

But is it only the new iPhone which creates so much noise for Apple when it is released, and hence making the brand a great success among users? Apparently, it's also about the mobile paltform that the handsets run which, although critiziced time and again for being closed source, still remains as a popular operating system.

Apple iOS 8 To Arrive with Next iPhone? Top 5 Rumors To Keep in Mind

Over the past few months, reports filled with leaks, speculations and rumors have arrived speaking about the massively anticipated and the upcoming next version of the Apple iOS. However, nothing substantial about the OS has arrived in that time.

Going by the countless number of leaks related to the upcoming iOS 8, for starters, the new operating system is said to be heavily focused on health, and could also integrate with Apple's heavily-rumored iWatch smart watch offering currently in development.

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But that's not all that's in the pipeline for the new operating system as more changes and fixes are expected to be made with the release of the next version of iOS.

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So what are the kinds of changes that are expected to arrive with the iOS 8 at release? Let's take a closer look at the top 5 rumors related to the same.

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iCloud Integration

That the next iOS will feature the cloud technology to its full potential is not new since it has been one of the biggest highlights whenever reports filled with rumors have arrived for the same.

As of now, Apple's iCloud service allows users to store documents and other similar files on Apple's servers,while also facilitating syncing changes across devices.

However, according to a previous 9to5Mac report, Apple is now working on new Preview and TextEdit apps for iOS that could appear alongside iOS 8. Apparently, the new apps are said to be document viewers rather than focusing on editing of image and text files.

Upgraded Siri Voice Recognition

We have no real idea about what Apple plans for its Siri voice recognition service in the future. However, it is still expected that the new upgraded iOS will surely bring forward fixes (if not changes) to the service.

Going by a previous report from The Information, Apple is looking toward expanding Siri's ability to connect with third-party apps since the voice assistant is expected to be a key input method for the rumored iWatch.

iOS Healthbook

The upcoming iOS 8 is said to be arriving with a certain "Healthbook" app that might look and feel like the already existing Passbook app, just keeping a note on all things related to health.

The upcoming Healthbook app is said to be able to track physical movement and sleep quality, alongside tracking basic fitness issues such as weight, nutrition, heart rate and more.

Apple Maps

Apple hasn't had a great time since it decided to move away from Google's own offering of Maps, with criticisms flowing in about how the offering is heavily glitched.

As of now, the company has already made changes to missing data and location-based errors that came with Apple's own Maps offering. However, there's still a lot of work to be done including the introduction of indoor mapping functions and public transit directions.

iOS 8 Release Date

We have no idea as to when Apple will decide to push out the next version of iOS officially, but it is highly likely that the new operating system will arrive before the end of this fall. Keep a lookout for the update in the later half of the year.

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