Apple iOS 8 Offers Massive Number of Security Fixes

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Apple has already successfully rolled out the brand new iOS 8 opertaing system for all its users. And along with it, comes a boatload of security fixes that Apple has introduced in a bid to make the platform even more safe.

While the availability of so many fixes comes as good news for all, alongside the fact that the final version of iOS 8 has been now been pushed out, Apple isn't necessarily clear on what it's actually aiming at fixing and where the major faults lie.

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Apple iOS 8 Offers Massive Number of Security Fixes

Sure Apple has also credited a host of independent security experts for offering the new security fixes for the new platform, but as CNET writes: "It continued to not differentiate bugs by severity and buried the fix to a major vulnerability."

Of them all, the most notable fix of the Apple Knowledge Base list has been hidden at the bottom of the list that's separated from the other vulnerabilities. There's a "note" that reads, "iOS 8 contains changes to some diagnostic capabilities." Apparently, there are more than 53 vulnerabilities that were listed.

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"Each of these diagnostic capabilities requires the user to have unlocked their device and agreed to trust another computer. Any data transmitted between the iOS device and trusted computer is encrypted with keys not shared with Apple," Apple writes.

"For users who have enabled iTunes Wi-Fi Sync on a trusted computer, these services may also be accessed wirelessly by that computer."

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There was also a note that was also linked to another Knowledge Base article that also detailed changes to the diagnostic tools in iOS 8. Previous to this, the tools had allowed people with unauthorized access to iOS's encryption keys to connect wirelessly to the iPhone or iPad. It also allowed them to extract sensitive information including text messages and pictures.

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