Apple iOS 8 Users Not Happy: Shorter Battery Life, Wi-Fi Issues and More

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Apple's newest iteration of its mobile operating system has already been pushed out. A host of devices from Apple have now been updated with its latest operating system. However, it seems like majority of the Apple users aren't happy with the new update at all.

Sure Apple has introduced a host of cool new features with the new OS, most of which comes with features related to health, but there are darker sides to it that users are now reporting on. The problems are very apparent and they are showing.

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Apple iOS 8 Users Facing Shorter Battery Life, Wi-Fi Issues and More

Apple forums are currently being flooded with problems that have cropped up since its latest mobile OS went live. In fact, some of the most common problems include slower Wi-Fi speeds, audio issues, sluggish performance, faster depletion of the battery and even problems with iMessages.

"WI-Fi problems on iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display and iPhone 5S after upgrading to iOS 8. Resetting network settings on the iOS 8 devices did not improve the performance. Changing band on the router from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz did give me back the speed on all devices," a user wrote.

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But this isn't the only instance. In fact, a host of iPad owners have complained about slower Wi-Fi speeds post the iOS 8 update on the official Apple thread. The Thread also points out problems in the iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display and iPhone 5s after upgrading to iOS 8.

There have been issues with sound as well. While music and YouTube videos worked okay after the update, audio from games and apps are completely gone. "After updating my iPad mini to iOS 8 I found I couldn't hear any sounds," wrote another user.

"It is not muted, all sounds are up, and even tried with headphones. Can't hear music, games, keyboard clicks, nothing. I also updated my iPhone5 and the sound is fine there."

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And as far as overall sound quality is concerned, a number of older devices have also gone a lot slower with the new update. Sadly, this also includes the iPad Air and iPhone 5s, and they come with the 64-bit A7 chipset.

Apart from that, users also took their concern to the MacRumors forum where it was pointed out that the iOS 8 update has affected the performance of Safari browser as well.

Are you facing similar issues with your handset or tablet after the upgrade? If so what problems are you facing specifically? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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