Apple iPhone 5C 8GB Now Available in More Countries

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Apple expanded retail availability of the 8GB iPhone 5C in many more countries on Wednesday.

The low-cost model is now on sale in the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland. Buyers can expect a €50 (about Rs. 4176) discount for the 8GB iPhone 5C model.

Apple introduced the iPhone 5C(8GB) in the middle of a product cycle last month. The low-cost model was bit of a surprise when the company first launched it in the U.K, Australia, China and other select countries.

Analysts believe that the timing of this product was not appropriate. In many key European countries, the Apple iPhone 5C 16GB retails for less than €489 (about Rs.40,857) in comparison to a €499 ( about Rs. 41,692) 8GB iPhone 5C. A lower priced iPhone 5C won't make a difference to users in the developed market.

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Apple iPhone 5C 8GB Now Available in More Countries

This is somewhat surprising that Apple has not launched the 8GB iPhone 5C into Indian market. In India, every big online retail chain is selling the 16GB iPhone 5C model at a price point of Rs. 37,599. In fact, Apple is showing no interest in promoting the iPhone 5C in the country.

These days the company is making every possible moves to shift more units of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 4S through tempting EMI and buyback schemes. Apple recently re-launched the iPhone 4 in India at Rs. 22,900 to garner more sales.

There's no information as when Apple will announced the cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C model in India. Furthermore, Apple is expected talk about its sales figure in the next week's earning call.

It will be interesting to see if Apple announces the availability of the 8GB iPhone 5C in India at a price point of Rs. 32,000 in the coming days ahead.

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