Apple iPhone 5S to Sport 12MP Camera Sensor with Improved Night Time Shooting Mode [REPORT]

By: Anuj Bhatia

iPhone 5S announcement is still months away, but it won't stop media to actively take part in the discussions. So, here is yet another juicy gossip in regards to the iPhone 5S, a heavily baked version of iPhone 5.

According to a Vietnamese blog tinh.te, Apple is planning to include 12-mega pixel sensor to power up the next -iteration to the iPhone 5. The lead source i.e. Wonderful Saigon Electrics, who makes camera module for Apple, has dished out the information. The iPhone 5S will use 12-mega pixel rear camera, and much improved night time shooting mode.

Click here for iPhone 5S concept images...

Apple iPhone 5S to Sport 12MP Camera Sensor [REPORT]

Click here for iPhone 5S concept images...

The current gen iPhone uses an 8-mega pixel camera, which performed equally well in comparison to HTC One. However, the camera fitted inside the iPhone 5 performed poorly, when tested in low-light conditions. Of lately, Nokia has been actively taking part in making its handsets better equipped with cameras. The solid example could be the Nokia Lumia 920, which is the best rated camera phone at this moment. On the other hand, HTC has equally impressive camera phone device in the form of HTC One, a handset with ‘UltraPixel' technology used inside. Japanese giant Sony has its own division of camera devices, and makes camera sensors for Samsung and Apple.

The Sony Xperia Z houses a 13-mega pixel camera with Exmor technology besides HDR video recording functionality. The South Korean giant is also not far behind in the race. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also comes fitted with a 13-mega pixel rear camera plus it features plethora of customized imaging features that are used to Samsung.

Whether Apple would replace Nokia or HTC, from the best camera phone manufacturers, is still be seen. The due date of iPhone 5S is expected to be around either July or August. The newer version of the iPhone is said to be come with iOS 7, an improved mapping software, improved Siri, and A7X processor. Stay tuned to GizBot for more action.

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