iPhone 5S: Apple Next Gen Smartphone Pegged for March 2013 Launch touting IGZO Display [Analyst]

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Over the past week, the Las Vegas show floor was sizzled by devices from several tech companies from all over the world. This would have given the tech spectators a sneak peak at what will be hitting the retail shelves in 2013. However, as always Apple the Cupertino tech giant had been missing at the tech show.

Despite its absence, there are juicy rumors regarding the iPhone plans for 2013 as the some details have leaked out.

Following reports from WSJ that Apple is cutting component orders for iPhone 5 due to weaker-than-expected-demand, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek has come out with a note to clients claiming that the initial production of the iPhone 5S will begin in March for a June/July launch.

iPhone 5S: Apple Next Gen Smartphone Coming in March With IGZO Display

Back in December 2012, Misek has claimed that iPhone 5S will be coming in June and that Apple will be shipping the handset in multiple colors with improved battery life and a possibility to have a 4.8 inch Retina display, better battery, 128GB storage and NFC.

While Misek expects Apple's next iPhone to launch sooner than expected in the June-July timeframe, he also believes Apple is separately planning a low-cost iPhone that would be geared toward emerging markets like China. He claims that Apple could release a low-cost device made of polycarbonate with no LTE and a 4 inch non-retina display. In his view, a less expensive iPhone would increase Apple's smartphone market share.

Misek is well known for his successful predictions on iPhone 4S, but he did get some predictions wrong including a thinner IGZO-based iPad for the third generation of the device in 2012.

Further, an AllThingsD report citing inside sources claims that Apple is planning to incorporate IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) displays in its iOS devices. These displays are claimed to boast the pixels of the display, thereby being four times better than 1080p screens. Also, these IGZO displays consume less power to deliver images on the display and hence, they offer more battery life. 

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